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Tamworth Pigs on the Homestead

Tamworth Pigs on the Homestead

By: Everett S

Waylon and I decided to bring a camera along when we fed the pigs yesterday. Here are 2.5 minutes of happy pigs and a happy little boy who is reminding daddy to watch his mouth or risk being repeated on camera… These are Tamworth pigs. There are four of them: three big brutes and one […]

Sweet Zucchini Relish

Summer Abundance Breakdown

A much-needed stay-cation here at LASL has come and gone, and we’ve been busy catching up and getting back into the swing of things. It was good to slow down for a time, take a step back from our busy busy schedule for a few days, and we’re thankful to be enjoying a quiet house […]

Organic Garlic Harvest

Harvesting Garlic

After eyeing the garlic for a few weeks, we finally noticed outer leaves yellowing and drying out – a promising sign that harvest should be soon – so we pulled it over the weekend. Garlic is a simple yet impressive-looking crop to grow. We dropped some cloves in the ground, and that was about it. […]

Wood Pallet Chicken Coop

The Hillbilly-Hippie Chicken Tower

By: Everett S

After finishing the tool shed back in the woods, I decided to bite the bullet and get chickens again before having anything built for them. We still had the calf shed from the previous failed chicken coop when we had to get rid of our birds because they were roosting on the front porch every […]

Tool Shed Pole Barn

The First Outbuilding I’ve Built Completely by Myself

By: Everett S

It ain’t the pertiest thing to look at, but she’ll do. She’ll do…


Blueberry Apple Jam

It’s blueberry season. They’re ripening faster than we can pick ‘em right now. The rush to put up as many as we can inspired me to write some background on preserving abundance. If you’d like to skip the intro click here to jump to the Blueberry Apple Jam recipe below. Eating seasonally is a good […]


Easy Summer Pesto Recipe

Swiss chard is one of those tricky greens. I love to grow it. The tall blades of leafy emerald green shot through with vibrant rainbow colors are one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen. But eating it? No matter how I prepared it, it just tasted…off. Too watery when cooked. Texture was wrong when […]

American Homestead Autumn

Homesteading Blogs

By: Everett S

These are the homesteading blogs I read. The blog owners may not know who I am, but I read their posts every day from my Bloglines account, and if you’re interested in sustainable living then you should too!

Red Oak curing in the sun.

A Pictorial Journey of Our 26 Wood Piles

By: Everett S

The bad thing about the first winter in a new spot way back in the forest is that you’re surrounded by wood, but none of it is burnable. It’s all “green”. The good thing about every other winter for the next several decades? Well, 26 pictures is worth 26,000 words so… Here are 26 pictures […]

Make the Bread, Buy the Butter Review

Audrey’s Favorite Cookbook: Make the Bread, Buy the Butter

I read Make the Bread, Buy the Butter in one sitting (I heard about it from our friend Erin at Blue Yurt Farms). It was so engrossing I gave up trying to mark recipes with little post-its halfway thru and unabashedly dog-eared the rest. I was also laughing hysterically. Why I Love “Make the Bread, […]