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Dialing back to make room for activism I don’t know about you but my desire to live in a smaller home closer to the land is directly related to my understanding of climate disruption that is happening now all over the world.  I want to create less pollution and use fewer resources as a I live my life.  Living at Dancing Rabbit […]

She loses it.

Still at it in our natural home.  In this video we are finishing the reclaimed brick floor, go to an italian party and freak out over rope. So we’ve been Busily laying bricks in our house to finish our floor and now we’ve got one more step to do! Today we’re going to color the […]

Small House Design Ideas: 10 Best Energy Saving Tips

Tiny House Design Ideas: Looking for some energy saving design tips for your tiny house? Check out this video to learn how you can live more sustainably in a house designed for energy efficiency, while saving tons of money. Reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your energy bills often go hand in hand. So check […]

Tamworth Pigs on the Homestead

By: Everett S

Waylon and I decided to bring a camera along when we fed the pigs yesterday. Here are 2.5 minutes of happy pigs and a happy little boy who is reminding daddy to watch his mouth or risk being repeated on camera… These are Tamworth pigs. There are four of them: three big brutes and one […]

The Hillbilly-Hippie Chicken Tower

By: Everett S

After finishing the tool shed back in the woods, I decided to bite the bullet and get chickens again before having anything built for them. We still had the calf shed from the previous failed chicken coop when we had to get rid of our birds because they were roosting on the front porch every […]

The First Outbuilding I’ve Built Completely by Myself

By: Everett S

It ain’t the pertiest thing to look at, but she’ll do. She’ll do…

Homesteading Blogs

By: Everett S

These are the homesteading blogs I read. The blog owners may not know who I am, but I read their posts every day from my Bloglines account, and if you’re interested in sustainable living then you should too!

A Pictorial Journey of Our 26 Wood Piles

By: Everett S

The bad thing about the first winter in a new spot way back in the forest is that you’re surrounded by wood, but none of it is burnable. It’s all “green”. The good thing about every other winter for the next several decades? Well, 26 pictures is worth 26,000 words so… Here are 26 pictures […]

Deer & Varmit Proof Garden Fence… We Hope!

By: Everett S

We’re about finished with the garden fence now and rather than try to explain everything in text I thought it might be easier to film a quick explanation. Being new to the world of iPhones, we filmed in portrait mode. Lesson learned… This time I’ve decided to do the garden fence right so hopefully I […]

They’re Heeeeere… The Seeds Have Arrived

By: Everett S

Last year we didn’t get much of a garden because we had to clear the area, which was lightly forested. We managed to save some bean, tomato and pepper seeds but still had to buy a lot this year. Too much, you might say – but what a lovely sight on this snowy winter day.