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Homemade Potting Soil

Seeding and DIY Potting Soil “Experiment”

[ 3 ] By: Audrey

Starting seeds feels good. Thinking about the summer days to come and the evenings after dinner in the garden makes the last few cold days of early spring more tolerable and after an entire winter of only planning, it’s liberating to start putting ideas and goals into action. The promise of fresh beautiful food is […]

DIY Dr. Bronner's Cleaner

Natural All-Purpose Cleaner (DIY)

[ 5 ] By: Audrey

The laundry room overflows with recycling, assorted tools, random canning equipment, socks that managed to escape the trip from washer to dryer, paint cans, and about a dozen old half-used cleaners. This is the room in the house that I pretend doesn’t exist, which works until I need to do laundry or bring in wood. […]

They're Heeeeere... The Seeds Have Arrived

They’re Heeeeere… The Seeds Have Arrived

[ 3 ] By: Everett

Last year we didn’t get much of a garden because we had to clear the area, which was lightly forested. We managed to save some bean, tomato and pepper seeds but still had to buy a lot this year. Too much, you might say – but what a lovely sight on this snowy winter day.

Homesteading Goals for 2014

Homesteading Goals for 2014

[ 4 ] By: Everett

It is easy for me to do a lot of projects and complete a lot of goals, while at the same time feeling like I’m not getting enough done. The feeling is compounded in the cold winter months when so much time is spent indoors, staring out the window at a frost-covered landscape. Perhaps it […]

Top Five Simple Living Posts

Our Top Simple Living Posts of 2013

[ 0 ] By: Everett

Those relatively new to the Living A Simple Life blog may not feel like digging through a year’s worth of archives to find the best posts. We understand. Time is limited, especially when you’re trying to run a homestead. So here are the top five LASL posts from 2013 based on traffic, and the top […]

Make Your Own Almond Milk

Easy DIY Almond Milk

[ 3 ] By: Audrey

My sister alerted me to this article on DIY Almond Milk, and now it’s hard to think of the stuff that comes in cardboard cartons as palatable or healthy. The fresh milk is much more thick and creamy, and the best part? It’s DIY, so the sweetness level is up to you. It’s just like […]

Homemade Granola - DIY Christmas Gift

Healthy DIY Christmas Gift – Granola

[ 1 ] By: Audrey

It can be difficult to avoid the sugary, ADD-inducing goodies during this season of generosity. I myself was about to brew up a batch of pumpkin butter and can it to give as gifts, but that didn’t work out. Then I remembered the assortment of nuts and dried fruits we’d stocked up on at Trader […]

Preserving Pumpkin

Recycling Edible Halloween Decorations – Preserving Pumpkin

[ 1 ] By: Audrey

Leftover Halloween pumpkins – what to do? The only one we carved this season has long since rotted off the picnic table, but the few we left intact and scattered around the house look as fresh as the day we picked them out – perfect for preserving. My first thought was canned pumpkin butter to […]

Harvesting Kale

Gleaning Kale

[ 1 ] By: Audrey

Even small-scale farming is permeated with an amount of food waste whether from a poor market day, blight, Food Bill loopholes, or USDA regulations – and it has always been one of the tricker realities in farming and homesteading for me to accept. However, every so often an opportunity arises to salvage what has become […]

Raising Your Own Meat Part 1 - Butchering a Pig at Blue Yurt Farms

Raising Your Own Meat Part 1 – Butchering a Pig at Blue Yurt Farms

[ 2 ] By: Audrey

Homesteading allows more freedom when it comes to how you decide to nourish your body through what you eat – and what you refuse to buy from the grocery store. Our friends Mike and Erin of Blue Yurt Farms are making conscious decisions about where their food, including their meat, comes from – and most […]