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A Simple July Garden Dinner

By: Tommy B

Welp, it’s early July and my tomatoes are still green, but I have plenty of other things in my garden that contributed to a simple, yet delicious, meal this evening.  I was outside working on my homestead and started getting hungry.  Hungry for something natural and something local.  So, I walked out to my garden with a bowl and started gathering my dinner.  First, I picked a nice young yellow squash and put it in my bowl. Next, I went over to the greens area and picked a handful of swiss chard and kale.  Then, I went to the pea patch just to see if there might be any remaining straglers, but they are all gone; it’s time for me to pull the stakes and starting getting the bed ready for a fall crop of broccoli or carrots or something.  As I was leaving the garden I briefly glanced at my cabbage wandering if tonight was a night I would I pick one, but I decided it wasn’t and went into the kitchen.

I cut up some garlic and put it in a pan with some olive oil and was wishing I would have planted more spring onions I could add to it!  Then, I commenced to cutting up the squash and the greens and added them to the pan as soon as the garlic was looking nice and tender.  I topped it off with some salt and pepper and in about 20 minutes I had a simple, vibrant, light summer meal.  Perfect for a July evening, not too much or too heavy.  For dessert I had a new IPA brew I’d been saving for such an occasion!

Oh, I love the simple moments of life!

July garden post image

India Pale Ale on a hot summer afternoon. Perfect with a light summer garden dinner.



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  1. Lois says:

    This has made me hungry! Today we went out and checked our strawberries for a snack, the cabbage isn’t ready yet, but I’m off to the farmer’s market in a couple of hours when it opens, I might try to recreate your garden dinner.

  2. Nice Lois! I’m been anxiously waiting for my tomatoes to turn red! I got a late start and now paying for it everyday watching the green stay green! How’d your meal turn out?

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