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Advertising & Disclaimers

SummertimeWe spend a lot of time taking photographs and writing entertaining or helpful content for readers of Living A Simple Life. It is what we love to do. However, we also need to make a living.

Some of the links within posts or throughout the site may be “affiliate” links, meaning we have a financial relationship with the merchant. We do not ever post links to products or services that we don’t believe in ourselves, and would never write a good review for a product we do not genuinely like.

How to Advertise on LASL

Please use the comment form on any post if you wish to discuss advertising options. We will not publish the comment, and will be in touch via email to discuss if it seems like a good fit.

Due to the extreme amount of spam on the web we do not publish our physical address or email addresses. If commenting on a post is not a good option for you, please connect with us on Facebook, twitter or Google+.

We do not sell contextual ads (i.e. links) on our site and always try to abide by Google’s webmaster guidelines.

We are extremely picky about who we allow to guest post on the site.
99 times out of 100 we will turn down guest posts if we do not know you personally through prior participation in the greater simple-living community online or offline, or if the content does not seem written exclusively for our readers.