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Another Hummingbird Moth Sighting!

By: Everett S

hummingbird mothThis makes the second-time I’ve seen a hummingbird moth (actually third since there were two this time) on our front porch. They seem to love our as-yet-unidentified wildflowers out there.

Hummingbird Moths are pretty cool creatures. They look like a baby hummingbird at first, and fly like one too. But if you look closely you’ll notice the tail is not a tail at all. And since when did hummingbirds have antennae?

Another name for these are the Sphinx Moth. I think the ones we saw were Laurel Sphinx Months. They are amazing flyers. In a very un-moth-like way they zip from one flower to another with complete control and amazing agility – like a hummingbird. You can learn more about them here.

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  1. Jim says:

    I’ve always wondered what kind of insects these were. I’ve spotted them in Michigan and in Pittsburgh PA. We get quite a few hummingbirds around and I always think I’ve spotted one when one of these fly by. We have some large Azalea’s here and I was able to get close up on one in the spring and really what him drink up the nectar.

  2. SanDandy says:

    I have never seen anything like this!

  3. Groovy Girl says:

    We had one here in Nova Scotia at the very end of the summer, Sept.09. It was at night time and was attracted to my fragrant white phlox.

  4. Brenda H says:

    First time in my 53 years that I have seen hummingbird moths and I have seen one in Michigan and in Kansas City in less than a week. We came home to a dozen or more enjoying our flowers. Are hummingbird moths a rare thing or am I just not attentive.

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