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Dialing back to make room for activism I don’t know about you but my desire to live in a smaller home closer to the land is directly related to my understanding of climate disruption that is happening now all over the world.  I want to create less pollution and use fewer resources as a I live my life.  Living at Dancing Rabbit […]

She loses it.

Still at it in our natural home.  In this video we are finishing the reclaimed brick floor, go to an italian party and freak out over rope. So we’ve been Busily laying bricks in our house to finish our floor and now we’ve got one more step to do! Today we’re going to color the […]

Small House Design Ideas: 10 Best Energy Saving Tips

Tiny House Design Ideas: Looking for some energy saving design tips for your tiny house? Check out this video to learn how you can live more sustainably in a house designed for energy efficiency, while saving tons of money. Reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your energy bills often go hand in hand. So check […]