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Interests: Fiber crafts (sewing and knitting), animals, motherhood, graphic design, upcycled clothing, etc... I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of southwestern Virginia with my family of people and critters.

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How to Can Green Beans

By: Missy B

This is the first time I’ve canned something by myself from start to finish. It took longer than I thought, but it’ll be well worth it when we are eating green beans all winter! Here is how I canned the green beans… First I put the jars and utensils in the dishwasher on a hi […]

Decorating With Winter Flora

By: Missy B

Even though most of the trees are bare and flowers are dormant, there are still many ways to decorate using what you’d find in your yard. I trimmed a few hydrangeas (correct me if I’m wrong) and put them in a vase to create an artful bouquet. I also broke off some branches that Everett […]

Makeover a Crappy Table

By: Missy B

I’m not quite sure where it came from, but this table has been with us for a few moves now and usually has a tapestry thrown over it with a printer on top. A few weeks ago I drove it up from the barn to the porch for me to give it a makeover so […]

Building a Dog House and Rabbit Hutch

By: Missy B

When we sold our last house, the new buyer requested that we leave the dog house and rabbit hutch. We built Clyde’s dog house palace a few weeks ago, since he didn’t have anywhere to cozy up and stay warm. And since then, my bunnies have been housed in a metal dog cage occupying the […]

My Studio

By: Missy B

I grabbed a few quick shots of my studio space today. It’s cluttered and messy, but that’s the way I work. I am very lucky to have the space to go and be creative. It’s nice to get out of the house, push Waylon in his stroller up the driveway then back out to the […]

Craft Time in My New Studio

By: Missy B

I finished setting up my studio last month and have been busy putting it to good use. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish in-between feeding, changing and playing, or during nap times. I recently posted on my blog about how I had been out in my studio being a busy bee crafting away lately. I even put […]

My First Time Skirting and Washing A Fleece

By: Missy B

If you remember, a few months ago I went to a nearby farm to observe sheep shearing and to pick up a couple of fleeces. Well, I finally decided to wash a small batch of wool since it’s the first sunny day in weeks and I wanted to take advantage of it so I could […]

Setting The Twist Of Hand Spun Yarn

By: Missy B

I finished spinning up the beautiful purple and blue merino wool that I started in my spinning wheel demo video and now it is time to finish up the yarn by setting the twist. Many spinners ply together 2 or more strands to get a thicker yarn, but I tend to spin kind of chunky […]

Sheep Shearing at a Nearby Farm

By: Missy B

Last Saturday I went to nearby Border Springs Farm for their annual sheep shearing day. They invite anyone to come watch and hope spinners/crafters will snatch up some fleeces to take home for their fiber projects. And that’s exactly what I did! I picked out two nice fleeces that I will eventually wash, card and […]

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products I Use

By: Missy B

In the comments sections of my last post Making More Lip Balm, a reader asked if I would share which products I use and where I get them. Why, I’d love to! Before I begin, I’d like to recommend you watch the video of The Story of Stuff about Cosmetics. It was a real eye […]