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We are truly passionate about living close to the earth and being as self-sufficient as possible. Although we are far from perfection, we’ve been pursuing a homesteading lifestyle for over a decade. We hope to share what we know about things like recycling building materials, composting, and no-till gardening with others who might want to learn more or hear about what we’re doing.

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How to Install Hardwood Floors Yourself

By: Amber B.

Learn how to install hardwood floors in this video. Enjoy!

Making a Patchwork Quilt out of Recycled Upholstery Fabric

By: Amber B.

Making quilts out of free upholstery samples is a fun way to recycle.  Did you know that furniture stores often get rid of and even throw away their fabric samples once or twice a year?   The beautiful material is already cut into squares or rectangles making the construction of a simple large patchwork quilt even […]

Love is Everywhere, I Eat It.

By: Amber B.

  I love cooking and preparing food with my oldest daughter, who just turned three.  She loves to wash fruits and veggies, stir and mix, as well as add ingredients.  Our favorite ingredient is what we call “the special ingredient,” also known as love.  We rub the tips of our fingers together as if sprinkling […]

Porky the Pig – Raising Our First Hog for Slaughter

By: Amber B.

I was looking around some of my files and found this brief write-up about my first encounter with the slaughtering of a hog.  Both my father and husband are deer hunters so I have seen animals cut open and “processed.”  Tommy and I have also processed our chickens if they were roosters or when they […]

Rethinking Voluntary Complexity

By: Amber B.

When I first heard the phrase Rethinking Voluntary Complexity I was struck with an internal bolt of lightning. This concept of voluntary complexity is something I’ve pondered for the last several years, but I never had a name for it. I could sit and think, if I reduced this or didn’t use that we wouldn’t […]