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Automatic Chicken Waterer Give-Away: Free EZ Miser 1.5 Gallon Chicken Waterer

By: Everett S

Aaaand the winner is…

erin @ blue yurt farms
Please message me from our Facebook page so we can arrange logistics.

A Chicken Drinking WaterOur friends over at Walden Effect asked us to put their new poop-free chicken waterer through the ringer and let them know what we thought. “Heck yea,” I said!

Unfortunately, that was when I was full of high ideas about all of the stuff I was going to get done around here this summer. I managed to get a shed set up, cut piles and piles of wood, clear some forest and plant a new garden (along with harvesting, weeding, etc…), fix the roof, work, build a failed chicken coop, can, pickle, and freeze… but I never got around to fencing in a chicken yard. And so –>

You Can Win an EZ Miser 1.5 Gallon Chicken Waterer!

Comment below by November 1st with a funny story about your chickens to be entered to win. On November 1st we will contact the winner by email and announce it on this blog. I’ll cover standard postal shipping within the continental United States. Sharing the give-away on your own blog, Facebook, G+ or Twitter will get you brownie points, but really we’re just looking for the funniest possible story. It would be great to read a bunch of funny chicken stories in the comments, and to know that we helped tell a few more people about Mark and Anna’s invention and means of income for their homestead.

EZ Miser Chicken WatererThe EZ Miser chicken waterer (sold on Amazon for $65) is the next generation poop-free way to water chickens. The 1.5 gallon bucket holds enough water to feed a flock of up to 15 chickens daily, and can last a week for a few laying hens. Two chickens can drink at the same time from two metal nipples, which are mounted on the side of the bucket (previous versions were mounted on the bottom) to allow for placement on bases (e.g. cinder block), and lets you place it on the ground when filling.

A cheaper option would be to buy the kit for $43 and build your own with a salvaged bucket. This would allow you to make a much bigger one with standard 5-gallon bucket.

I’m a sucker for funny livestock stories, and it seems like chicken tales are the easiest to come by. I have one of my own…We had some buckeye chickens when I lived in Hillsville, VA. They’re great birds – cold-hardy, good foragers, smart and safe, healthy, good layers… but I couldn’t get one of them to successfully hatch any chicks. This probably had more to do with my ignorance (how was I supposed to know you need brooder?) as they either got eaten (by snake, chickens, racoons, opossums…), broken or ignored. I ended up building a brooder, but by the time it was finished our turkey hen had laid a clutch of eggs and had been sitting on them diligently all day. I placed about six chicken eggs under her and brought her a bowl of water and a handful of scratch.

21 days later we had five cute little fluffy chicken chicks (and one squished, dead one) with a big mamma turkey as happy as can be. She left the nest and proceeded to teach them the ways of the turkey. Too bad her own children need five or six more days to hatch… Also, four of those cute little things didn’t make it. In the end we had one little chick, but she was the light of Big Mamma’s life. Her chick grew up to be a mother of her own, and Big Mamma ran off one day with a flock of wild turkeys – but not before hatching and raising us a bunch of guinea keets too! I hope she is still out there somewhere bringing up some of her own kind.

The Story of Big Mamma and Little Peepers from Everett Sizemore on Vimeo.

Do you have a funny chicken story? Share it below and you might win a free automatic chicken waterer!

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  1. Canningmama (Jenny B.) says:

    Oh, but what if I don’t have any funny chicken stories?? :) How bout I just tell a story anyway? I don’t actually have any egg laying chickens; I desperately want some, but I don’t have a pen set up. I built a Joel Salatin type pen-about 8’x10’x18″ high- last spring to raise meat chickens. I successfully raised 14 out of 20 Cornish X’s and am now raising 30 Freedom Rangers and ONE duck! Though the duck and the and FR’s are the same age, the duck is over double the chicken’s size at four weeks old, so they do LOOK funny hanging out together! :) I would LOVE to have a water like this because a) my galvanized waterer is rusting like crazy and leaks water sitting on the uneven ground, and b)THE DUCK TRIES TO PLAY IN THE WATER AND GETS IT ALL MUDDY!!! Anyway……here’s to wonderful chicken waterers!!! :)

  2. tree says:

    i posted a story a few years ago about a hen that went missing. Rather than writing it out again, i’m just linking the post. Hope that’s okay. :)

  3. […] good friend and neighbor recently posted this blog:… for this site: Walden Effect (his friends) who sell awesome chicken waterers here: […]

  4. How about the time that we discovered our chickens are completely ADDICTED to styrofoam? They will seek it out far and wide, high and low…and the only clue they’ve found it is the “pok pok pok pok!” of their sneaky little beaks.

    Turns out I’m not alone in this discovery…ALL chickens have a thing for styrofoam. So if you have any exposed insulation available to your free ranging hens, beware!!

    I even wrote a post on it:

    PS. I wanna win! Would love to try it out.

  5. Lori Norris says:

    I had a missing hen one day. Searched the yard high and low for her. I had finally given up finding her and went about my chores. I was taking out the garbage and I’m not sure who was more surprised the hen or I when I threw the bag in our trash can. She came out flapping and squawking and I was screaming. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was deranged. Not sure how she got over the chicken fence but she was put safely back and I always approach the trash can with caution now = )

  6. Julie Mitchell says:

    When my son was about 3, he had his first chicken experience…he thought it was funny to chase the chickens. This lasted about 5 minutes before the rooster caught on, and started chasing him. I wish I could post the picture of his face , but unfortunately it is only permanent in my mind….he is much nicer to chickens now lol

  7. Everett says:

    Sometimes it’s better to remember moments like that in our minds than on film. It’s a constant struggle for me to just put the camera down and enjoy the moment sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Everett says:

    Lori, an old-timer once told me how he used to “hunt gobblers” on his property. He’d put out an empty barrel, turned open-side down, and place corn on top. He’d replenish the corn every day for a week. Then he’d turn the barrel right-side-up. According to him, the turkey would just jump up there before realizing there was no top, and once inside the barrel it couldn’t flap it’s wings to get out. I’m sure once in awhile he’d find an angry raccoon, or a scared opossum instead of a turkey!

  9. We have only had our chickens for a week, so no stories yet.

  10. Everett says:

    Brandy it won’t take long!

  11. caroljane says:

    We’ve just discovered Dr. Who at our house and our favorite episode is “Blink” w/ the weeping angels. As long as you look at the angels and don’t take your eyes off them they freeze, but, the second you blink or turn your back they attack you. Well, our little black bantam rooster must be a weeping angel in disguise. After feeding the chickens he has been known to fly over the fence and quietly follow us to make his strike until we turn to stare him down and he freezes. But, as soon as we turn our backs he’s back at it again, always getting closer!! Getting tired of this charade I had to wave my sons plastic sword to fend him off. The neighbors are still laughing about that one.

  12. Everett says:

    Thanks for sharing Caroljane. If that were my rooster he’d end up in the crock pot real fast. I wouldn’t want to breed those traits into the chics. I hope you set him straight so you don’t have to carry the plastic sword around. 😀

  13. Diane Forsman says:

    My story isn’t really funny, but interesting. Jan. 3 of this yr my house burned down. I live in MN where it was very cold Jan. 3, my friend came and picked up my 30+ chickens & 14 guineas and brought them to their home where they where housed in a hay sheleter until March when they were moved to a dog run (kennel fencing) with tarps to endure the large amounts of snow and rain that we received this year. I really enjoy my chickens, they are my pets & kept praying they would survive if God willed it. He was so merciful to me as I only lost 1. The housing in the dog run was at a rental home that we stayed in for two monthes than they were moved again to our home we bought where my chicken coop was eventually moved and where they now reside. I was amazed at how resilient they were and they even were laying when at rental in dog run. I enjoy letting them run around the yard & seeing them from the house, they are so funny dusting & foraging in the leaves in the woods. I would like to win the waterer, I think they deserve it for all they have endured this year. I didn’t see the post for the contest until the 29th of Oct on my facebook feed & I check it everyday.
    Thank you, Diane Forsman
    I would like to submit a picture in the future, I have mostly Freedom Ranger chickens and a few Silky/Freedom Ranger cross.

  14. frances blakeslee says:

    Here is a funny but dangerous story, I was out letting my girls (chickens) free range with my umbrella over my head due to the really hot arizona sun when i noticed one take off running towards me at break neck speed.. started i glanced up and holy tunnel of feathers the hugest circle of buzzards was whirling above us looking at the feast of my chickens i counted over 26 of them things. I whistled loudly for my girls and they came running over Knowing from the time they were babies that sound means come now! One bird came diving down suddenly and i opened my umbrella towards it scaring it back as my girls seeing the danger they were in huddled around my feet squawking upset, and there we were moving under my big black umbrella together huddled as i moved them safely to their enclosed pen, safe from the maurading birds

  15. Alan Chase says:

    well we let our chickens run around the yard and when i’m spliting wood they are all around me one the splitter just waiting for a bug or 2 to fall out or off the wood a water station like this would be nice for my birds
    they even come to the fire pit and sit down with us

  16. Mike says:

    I like the idea of a 5 gal bucket kit. My question is this: I use the metal waterer with the lip that goes around the container. I gets chicken poop in it frequently, so I would love to find a more hygienic method for the chickens. It frequently gets below freezing, so I have placed the waterer on a cinder block with a lightbulb to keep the water from freezing. Would a plastic bucket handle the heat or eventually melt through?

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