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Auwwwww Yea Baby, It’s AWN Now! The Seeds Are On Their Way.

By: Everett S

Seed Savers Exchange LogoI’ve been taking my time with the seed catalog from Seed Savers Exchange because we’ve been busy with work, finishing the back room, and trying to get out and about while we still can (before Waylon Journey S. arrives this summer). Yesterday we primered all of the dry-wall, after cleaning up drywall mud from the floor for several hours. Today we painted the back room and the baby (ahem, Waylon’s) room. It’s been a productive weekend. But the sun was shining and the snow is melting so my mind wanders away from work to GARDENING. Wow, it feels good to say that word. Gardening. Gardening. Hmmmm, I can’t wait. Gardening…

Anyway, I finally placed my order. Here it is!

Item Price Qty Total
Bean, Empress , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Bean, KY Wonder Pole , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Bean, Lazy Housewife OG, Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Bean, Tiger’s Eye , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Soybean, Fiskeby OG, Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Broccoli, DeCicco , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Broccoli, Romanesco , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Cabbage, Premium Late Flat Dutch, Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Carrot, Danvers OG, Packet 250 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Carrot, Dragon , Packet 250 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Corn, Golden Bantam OG, Packet 100 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Cucumber, Bushy OG, Packet 25 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Cucumber, Russian Pickling OG, Packet 25 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Kale, Dwarf Blue Curled , Packet 100 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Gourd, Birdhouse , Packet 25 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Lettuce, SSE Lettuce Mixture , Packet 250 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Melon, Delice de Table , Packet 25 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Melon, Jenny Lind OG, Packet 25 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Onion, Yellow of Parma , Packet 100 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Pea, Dwarf Gray Sugar , Packet 100 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Pea, Green Arrow OG, Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Pepper, Quadrato Asti Giallo , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Spinach, America , Packet 250 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Chard, Five Color Silverbeet OG, Packet 100 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Squash, Amish Pie , Packet 25 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Squash, Black Beauty Zucchini OG, Packet 25 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Tomato, Blondkopfchen OG , Packet 25 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Tomato, German Pink , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Tomato, Isis Candy, Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Tomato, Jaune Flamme , Packet 50 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Watermelon, Stone Mountain OG, Packet 25 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Herb, Lettuce Leaf Basil , Packet 250 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Herb, Chives OG, Packet 250 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Herb, Cilantro OG, Packet 250 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Herb, Greek Oregano , Packet 250 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Herb, Triple Curled Parsley OG, Packet 250 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Herb, Spearmint , Packet 250 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75
Sunflower, Rostov OG, Packet 100 seeds $2.75 1 $2.75

PS: I’ll have plenty of seeds left over for friends who live nearby if you want to trade any. These are all heirloom varieties from Seed Savers Exchange, many of which are certified organic. I tried to stick with ones that are proven here in the mountains, but really it’s all a crap shoot at this point. Also, I’m going to try saving seeds this year from anything that we really, really like. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Everett says:

    Umm, I just looked at that list again. I think I’m in over my head this year! Oh well, we’ll have some fun either way.

  2. Andrea says:

    Did I miss the post about the baby’s gender?

  3. Everett says:

    Andrea I think I may have mentioned it in another post. Not sure. But yep, it’s going to be a boy. We were hoping for a girl, but I’m happy as long as he is healthy.

  4. Michele says:

    Congrats on the pregnancy!

    I only started planting a garden two years ago. I had no clue how romaine lettuce got seeds but once I did, I decided I’d never buy lettuce seeds again. There is a little baggy in my fridge waiting for the right time to plant. So exciting. I can’t wait for spring.

  5. Anna says:

    That looks exciting! Good call to choose two varieties of most plants so that you’ll have a better idea of what grows well in your area (as long as you can trick yourself into planting just a few seeds out of each packet.)

    The only thing that sounds a bit dicey is the oregano. I started oregano from seed our first year because I was pinching pennies, and the plants just didn’t have much flavor. I’ve since read that the best way to get oregano with actual flavor is to buy rooted cuttings (aka plants) like you would with fruit trees.

  6. Everett says:

    Thanks Anna! I thought about buying the herbs as plants, but remembered how easy it was to start mint with seeds. I should have guessed that oregano was nothing like aggressive mint. Oh well, I’ll start it on the back porch and maybe keep a few potted plants inside. Hopefully they’ll turn out.

  7. Bonnie says:

    I noticed that my list shares three items on yours. I particularly look forward to how the delice de table turns out.

    congrats on your little budding blessing.

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