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Blending Up a Moss Shake to Spread on Rocks

By: Everett S

Moss Mulch

That’s a glass marble in the center, not some alien beetle.

We took a few trees down around the house that were threatening our roof. My neighbor Tommy also helped me do some roof repairs, during which time I took the opportunity to scrape the large patches of moss off of our shingles. But what to do with it?

I used some as a type of mulch for our house plants, and the rest got blended up with buttermilk and water to make a moss shake that we poured over some rocks and edging stones on the north and west sides of the house.

Making a Moss Shake

First you add moss, buttermilk and water to a bowl or blender.

Step 1 - Add Moss and Buttermilk

Step #1 – Add moss, water and buttermilk in a bowl.

Then you blend it all up!

Blending Moss and Milk

Step #2 – Blend the ingredients together. You could use a blender too.

Pour the mixture wherever you want moss to grow. It will only take hold in damp, dark places. Whichever side of your house gets the least sun is probably a good place to start. Is it just me or does this look delicious? Mint-chocolate chip ice cream has always been my favorite…


Step #3 – Pour it where you want moss to grow, somewhere moist without too much sun.

Here is one of the rocks a few minutes after we applied the moss/buttermilk/water mixture. That was a few weeks ago and still looks to be taking hold. I will post an update next spring once we know for sure whether this has really worked or not.

Missy Rock

Taken a few minutes after we poured the moss on.

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