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Blue Sky Daydreams

By: Tommy B

When I first moved to Floyd a dozen years back one of the first things I fell in love with was the summer sky.  The sky seemed more blue than I had ever observed and vastly big and reaching for being in the mountains.  At that time I was doing a lot of odd jobs and construction, and spent many hours a day outside.  Sometimes I would just stop what I was doing and gaze at the skyscape; seeing the blue ether with brilliant white fluffy clouds slowing rolling by, and out of of the corner of my eye I could see the different shades of green from the trees.  Man, what beauty I remember, so much that I can feel those feelings even now.

blue sky post image 2

I was in love with Floyd’s skies for many years.  Even after I moved back home to West Virginia I would think of the Floyd sky and miss it.  But, somewhere along the way since I moved back, I lost my love for the Floyd sky.  I didn’t notice it as much and when I did it wasn’t as brilliant as I once thought.  I pondored this during very fleeting moments over the past 4 years but couldn’t figure out what happened to the sky or me!

Last weekend, without wanting it or thinking about it, I suddenly felt that adoration for Floyd’s skies again.  Out of no where it hit me.  I was walking down my driveway and there it was…the big beautiful blue sky with it’s briliant white clouds just above the now grey/brown landscape.  All weekend I was keenly aware of the sky and its beauty.  I’ve had a few days to ponder this and now know the sky had never lost its beauty, I just wasn’t in a space to see it.

What changed in me?  A lot of things I guess.  Trying to slow down more in everything I do; breathing deeply more; showing more compassion to my girls; wishing peace and prosperity to the ones I love; respecting myself; allowing the giving part of myself to give more, knowing Floyd is where I belong and being grateful my home is here, and the list could go on.  I think it also helped that it was the weekend of the new year.  I had been reflecting on the previous year and wandering what the next year would bring or what I wanted it to bring.  Everything contributed to this moment in time.

blue sky post image 1

 These feelings I had while watching the sky then and now are very familar, like old friends.  I like it a lot and want to spend more time feeling like this, rather than racing around from moment to moment trying to fit in experience after experience.  I’ve always thought winter would be a good time to slow down and really get more present with myself, and it is finally time.  For me now, it’s more about the deep quality of the experience rather than the experience itself.

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