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Canning Golden Delicious Applesauce

By: Tommy B

My friend recently let me “store” his all-grain beer making equipment. We were brewing a batch of beer one evening not long after he dropped it off and I had the idea this setup would for be perfect for canning.  So, today was the day to put up some ‘sauce and I couldn’t wait to try the rig out!

applesauce post image 1

All-Grain Beer Brewing Tier

applesauce post image 3
Converted to a Canning Station!

The tower exceeded all of my expectations. First, I got to can outside! I didn’t have to heat up the house on an already warm day. Secondly, the three burner system proved to speed up the process immensely. On my stovetop I only have room for two large pots; one for cooking the apples and one for the hot water bath.  Today, I was able to cook the apples, sterilize jars and do a water bath all at once.  And, once I got all the jars sterilized, I was even able to add a second hot water bath to speed up my canning!

applesauce post image 2

Hot Water Bath

Here are a few pics of this year’s station.  As you can see I now use a Victorio Food Strainer which is a nice luxury (you can check them out HERE). Normally, when one is cutting up apples for sauce they’d have to be careful not to let seeds or stems into the batch, but with a food strainer you can run seeds and all through and it does the job of separating all the solids from the sauce.

Canning Food

Food Canning

Food canning 2

Today’s canning was very quick, efficient and a lot of fun.  I started with a bit over a bushel of apples and net about 22 quarts of sweet and delicious applesauce!

Canning Food 2


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  1. Valri says:

    Looks like a nice set up! I’d like to know more about the food strainer…where did you get it and it it only for apples (I imagine you cook them before straining) or other applications? Also the beer pots….were they bought with the valves and temp gauges or added? Thanks

  2. Valri, I bought the strainer on, but most good hardware/general stores carry them during canning season. I’ve only used it for apples but you can use it for about any fruit or vegetable. I think mine came with a screen to do tomato sauce and grape juice? I had to soften the apples by cooking to run through the mill.

    Not sure where my buddy got the pots, but there are a bunch of homebrew stores out there online you can get them out (norther brewer, midwest brewing supplies, etc.). They’re not cheap, but well worth the investment. I think he said this setup cost about $750 used; that’s with everything.

  3. Wow, that’s some impressive canning work! Talk about multitasking skills. :)

  4. So awesome! Way to think outside the box there. Canning is def on our todo list!

  5. tommyfreerange says:

    I can’t take all the credit. Kim came down and helped out!

  6. […] this year because I’ve already written a few over the years (this is from last year:, but I made sauce with a friend this year and currently trying to twist her arm to write a guest […]

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