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Category: Animals

Chickens, pigs, guinea fowl, cows, goats, dogs, cats, turkeys, deer, wildlife, domesticated animals and all the critters that make the simple life more fun and less simple.

Tamworth Pigs on the Homestead

By: Everett S

Waylon and I decided to bring a camera along when we fed the pigs yesterday. Here are 2.5 minutes of happy pigs and a happy little boy who is reminding daddy to watch his mouth or risk being repeated on camera… These are Tamworth pigs. There are four of them: three big brutes and one […]

The Hillbilly-Hippie Chicken Tower

By: Everett S

After finishing the tool shed back in the woods, I decided to bite the bullet and get chickens again before having anything built for them. We still had the calf shed from the previous failed chicken coop when we had to get rid of our birds because they were roosting on the front porch every […]

Automatic Chicken Waterer Give-Away: Free EZ Miser 1.5 Gallon Chicken Waterer

By: Everett S

Aaaand the winner is… erin @ blue yurt farms Please message me from our Facebook page so we can arrange logistics. Our friends over at Walden Effect asked us to put their new poop-free chicken waterer through the ringer and let them know what we thought. “Heck yea,” I said! Unfortunately, that was when I […]

Chicken Coop Semi-Fail

By: Everett S

In addition to a disgusting pigsty – literally – both inside and outside the house, the previous occupants left behind a plastic calf hutch, often used in these parts as shelter for calves being raised for veal, but in this case for the pigs they kept in the front yard. I bought some chickens off […]

Guinea Hen for Dinner

By: Tommy B

I guess I will start this article with a “disclaimer” similar to what Everett did on one of his posts a few months back… Disclaimer: This post contains words, information and pictures on killing and eating a live animal. I make no excuses nor do I feel guilty about my current omnivore diet. I have, […]

Busy Squirrel Building a Nest

By: Tommy B

In all of my years I have never seen a squirrel build a nest.  I’ve seen leaf nests in the tops of trees and have often seen squirrels go in their nests inside dead or dying trees, but never saw the most pure, most basic survivor instinct of an animal building a shelter (well, I […]

Building a Dog House and Rabbit Hutch

By: Missy B

When we sold our last house, the new buyer requested that we leave the dog house and rabbit hutch. We built Clyde’s dog house palace a few weeks ago, since he didn’t have anywhere to cozy up and stay warm. And since then, my bunnies have been housed in a metal dog cage occupying the […]

The Beautiful Bounty of Barley and Rye – from Beer to Bread to Livestock Feed.

By: Tommy B

On Friday I made an all-grain batch of beer – Rye Pale Ale.  As some of you may know when you brew an all-grain batch you can use upwards of 25 lbs. of grain before it’s all said and done.  Even though the barley and rye are doing a great job to produce 10 gallons […]

Another Hummingbird Moth Sighting!

By: Everett S

This makes the second-time I’ve seen a hummingbird moth (actually third since there were two this time) on our front porch. They seem to love our as-yet-unidentified wildflowers out there. Hummingbird Moths are pretty cool creatures. They look like a baby hummingbird at first, and fly like one too. But if you look closely you’ll […]

Fish Are The New Chickens

By: Everett S

We left our chickens at the old place since the buyer wanted them and we figured we could always get more (and we will). But for right now we are learning that, in terms of scrap food disposal, fish are our new chickens… As you can see in the video, our little pond has an […]