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Category: Animals

Chickens, pigs, guinea fowl, cows, goats, dogs, cats, turkeys, deer, wildlife, domesticated animals and all the critters that make the simple life more fun and less simple.

New House. New Farm. New Task List.

By: Everett S

I learned my lesson last time and won’t be attempting to get this all done in a single year, but there are several things I’d like to take care of as soon as possible. However, this time around we have Waylon, which makes a HUGE difference in the amount of work we can get done. […]

How I Start Every Morning

By: Everett S

This is the first thing I do when I wake up every day. Although I’ll spend most of my weekdays inside working on a computer, getting out in the morning mist helps put me in the right mood for the day. After this I’ll feed the rabbits and dogs. By then Missy is up and […]

My First Time Skirting and Washing A Fleece

By: Missy B

If you remember, a few months ago I went to a nearby farm to observe sheep shearing and to pick up a couple of fleeces. Well, I finally decided to wash a small batch of wool since it’s the first sunny day in weeks and I wanted to take advantage of it so I could […]

Big Mamma Does It Again – This Time With Guinea Keets!

By: Everett S

You may recall, as seen in this picture, that our turkey hen (aka Big Mamma) is our best broody bird. She likes nothing more than to sit on a clutch of eggs for a few weeks and hatch some little chicks that will follow her around until they realize she’s a turkey. Well this year […]

Easter Sunday Vignettes

By: Everett S

Yesterday I put in the corn and beans, added mulch, watered the garden, spread gravel in the drive, cleaned out the gutters, put up the hummingbird feeders, pulled weeds, thinned seedlings, etc…. so I decided to take today off, as recommended by at least one out of four major religions. Here are just a few […]

Sheep Shearing at a Nearby Farm

By: Missy B

Last Saturday I went to nearby Border Springs Farm for their annual sheep shearing day. They invite anyone to come watch and hope spinners/crafters will snatch up some fleeces to take home for their fiber projects. And that’s exactly what I did! I picked out two nice fleeces that I will eventually wash, card and […]

Big Mamma Turkey is Laying Again

By: Everett S

Big Mamma is laying again. I found six turkey eggs in the corner of the chicken coop today. She’s been sleeping with the chickens lately. I think Big Mamma feels more comfortable with the chickens because she can keep up with them. The guineas are too fast.  Either that, or the guineas just gave her […]

Keeping Bees on the Homestead

By: Tommy B

I’ve always had a deep yearning to “keep” bees for more years than I can remember, but finally got my first hives about 3 years ago.  I was as green as it could get.  I didn’t have a clue that the majority of the bees in the hive were female, I didn’t know that a bee’s life was a meager 4 weeks […]

Should Missy Be Jealous?

By: Everett S

Bib Mamma (our turkey hen) has a crush on me. Yesterday we were finishing up painting the fence (FINALLY!) and she followed me around all day cooing. When I turned to look at her or walked toward her she would flatten herself down on the ground. I told her that I didn’t go for turkeys; […]

Store Bought vs. Farm Fresh

By: Missy B

This week our chickens started laying eggs again! We’ve been getting 1-2 eggs every day so far. I love finding the eggs when I go let the chickens out in the morning, but I love to eat them even more! The store bought eggs can be down right depressing. From the styrofoam containers to the […]