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Category: Our Guests

Guest posts from other bloggers who want to share their experiences and thoughts on homesteading, voluntary simplicity, frugal living and the simple, happy life.

How I Learned to Love the Vegetables I Didn’t Like – by Anna Hess

The following post was written by Anna Hess or The Walden Effect blog. Anna just had her first book published and we will be reviewing it soon.

Automatic Chicken Feeder Contest

Mark Hamilton from The Walden Effect blog (my favorite homesteading blog in the world) asked if we would help him run a little contest to see if we can get in some great ideas for automatic chicken feeders. We’re excited to see what people come up with! The details are below… I made a post […]

Self-Sufficiency: Philosophy & Economy – Guest Post

The following guest post comes from John Jackson, author of ‘A Little Piece of England: A Tale of Self-Sufficiency’, which tells the tale of how the he and his family, living in a sliver of countryside in London’s commuter belt, worked to become self-sufficient. I approached John about reviewing his book and agreed to participate […]

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage On The Rainy Day Rant

Having worked with them on a few web projects, I invited some folks at Dancing Rabbit Eco Village in Missouri to discuss how internet access has helped their community. Several members are involved in a wide variety of online businesses that bring in revenue to help finance infrastructure and boost their local economy. Brian Toomey […]

Meet Our Neighbors, John and Janet!

We’re Everett and Missy’s farm neighbors. This is our story about “Living the Simple Life”. Working in the big city for years certainly had its conveniences; coffee shops, bars, restaurants, shopping, etc. However for us, the ugly truth of the big city was way too close; crime, obnoxious traffic, career stress, inconsiderate people, politics, and […]

Many Ways to Keep a Chicken – Guest Post by Anna

When my husband and I first brought chickens to our new homestead, we jumped on the chicken tractor bandwagon because it seemed to be the thing to do. Since then, though, we’ve been assessing various alternative chicken keeping arrangements and no longer believe that chicken tractors are the best method for every situation. I’ve summed […]

The Lost Art of Family Meals

By: Everett S

photo credit: OakleyOriginalsThis is a guest post from the Elevated Simplicity blog. “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” Ronald Reagan There is profound wisdom in just this simple quote and something, us parents, must never forget. There are multiple reasons why today’s families don’t make time for a shared meal. Gone […]

Q&A With Joel Salatin

By: Everett S

Mr. Salatin is a personal hero of mine for many reasons and, although I don’t agree with his hardcore Libertarian ideology all of the time, I agree with it most of the time – which is more than I can say for most ‘hardcore ideologies’ these days.