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Category: Family

Family: including our own wonderful families, as well as posts about the concept of family in general.

Picking Wild Apples

By: Everett S

Earlier this week Audrey and I went stomping up and down the creek picking wild grapes to make grape-juice (just put them in a mason jar with 3/4 cup of sugar, pour boiling water over them and let the lid self-seal. Good for several weeks without refrigeration). It was fun to climb around on the […]

A Quick Update

By: Everett S

I realize we haven’t posted much lately so I wanted to give a quick update on a few things. Company, Travel and Friends We have had a lot of company over the last couple of months, and I was out of town for work an entire week. We have really enjoyed our time spent with […]

Testing the Boat

By: Everett S

A quiet moment as Waylon naps and Missy tests out the boat… The boat was made by Sherwin, the previous owner, and is mostly just used to clean out the drain pipe in the middle of the pond. But it makes a nice little joyride now and then too.

New House. New Farm. New Task List.

By: Everett S

I learned my lesson last time and won’t be attempting to get this all done in a single year, but there are several things I’d like to take care of as soon as possible. However, this time around we have Waylon, which makes a HUGE difference in the amount of work we can get done. […]

Auwwwww Yea Baby, It’s AWN Now! The Seeds Are On Their Way.

By: Everett S

I’ve been taking my time with the seed catalog from Seed Savers Exchange because we’ve been busy with work, finishing the back room, and trying to get out and about while we still can (before Waylon Journey S. arrives this summer). Yesterday we primered all of the dry-wall, after cleaning up drywall mud from the […]

Love is Everywhere, I Eat It.

By: Amber B.

  I love cooking and preparing food with my oldest daughter, who just turned three.  She loves to wash fruits and veggies, stir and mix, as well as add ingredients.  Our favorite ingredient is what we call “the special ingredient,” also known as love.  We rub the tips of our fingers together as if sprinkling […]

The Lost Art of Family Meals

By: Everett S

photo credit: OakleyOriginalsThis is a guest post from the Elevated Simplicity blog. “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.” Ronald Reagan There is profound wisdom in just this simple quote and something, us parents, must never forget. There are multiple reasons why today’s families don’t make time for a shared meal. Gone […]

A Weekend Get-Away to Another Farm & Sheep Care 101

By: Everett S

The video below shows some sheep care 101 stuff that we were learning, and includes a castration procedure called banding. There isn’t any blood and it is a non-invasive procedure, but I just wanted to give fair warning.

A Lost Letter Tells of Family and Spring Planting

By: Everett S

I pulled out our kitchen cabinets for some remodeling work we’re doing and found the following letter, hand-written on plain white paper, laying behind the cabinets. It must have dropped down there before the writer had a chance to send it out.

Pictures From Last Week Around the Farm

By: Everett S

Here are a few pictures that have been sitting on the camera since last week.