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Category: Food

Food preparation, including food storage options like canning, drying, and freezing, as well as cooking, savoring, recipes, and everything involving food that isn’t still moving or growing in the gardens and pastures.

Tamworth Pigs on the Homestead

By: Everett S

Waylon and I decided to bring a camera along when we fed the pigs yesterday. Here are 2.5 minutes of happy pigs and a happy little boy who is reminding daddy to watch his mouth or risk being repeated on camera… These are Tamworth pigs. There are four of them: three big brutes and one […]

They’re Heeeeere… The Seeds Have Arrived

By: Everett S

Last year we didn’t get much of a garden because we had to clear the area, which was lightly forested. We managed to save some bean, tomato and pepper seeds but still had to buy a lot this year. Too much, you might say – but what a lovely sight on this snowy winter day.

I Have My Own Tap at Tommy’s Bar!

By: Everett S

Our neighbor Tommy brewed me up a batch of my very own milk stout beer! I helped pay for the ingredients, which cost about $25, and Tommy did the brewing. We split the beer 50/50, and I should get about four of these HUGE growlers full. One of the cool things about this deal is […]

Picking Wild Apples

By: Everett S

Earlier this week Audrey and I went stomping up and down the creek picking wild grapes to make grape-juice (just put them in a mason jar with 3/4 cup of sugar, pour boiling water over them and let the lid self-seal. Good for several weeks without refrigeration). It was fun to climb around on the […]

Blighted Tomato Pics – How To Tell the Difference Between Early Blight and Late Blight

By: Everett S

It has been a wet, wet, wet year around here. I am not exaggerating when I say we did not have more than five or six days without any rain all summer. It is finally drying up, but a little too late for the tomatoes, which were blighted before we ever picked our first fruit. […]

How I Learned to Love the Vegetables I Didn’t Like – by Anna Hess

The following post was written by Anna Hess or The Walden Effect blog. Anna just had her first book published and we will be reviewing it soon.

How to Can Green Beans

By: Missy B

This is the first time I’ve canned something by myself from start to finish. It took longer than I thought, but it’ll be well worth it when we are eating green beans all winter! Here is how I canned the green beans… First I put the jars and utensils in the dishwasher on a hi […]

Tomato Tomahto

Good tomato sauce can make an Italian meal into an Italian feast! While some grocery store’s carry okay brands, real tomato sauce, the stuff literally boiled down from tomatoes, is a whole different ball-game. Unfortunately, I cannot share my personal recipe (family secret) but I can share with you how to make tomatoes into a […]

Quick and Easy Beer Bread

By: Tommy B

A friend of mine forwarded me an email of a beer bread recipe he received.  As I was looking at the recipe I noticed he, also a homebrewer, inserted his Murphy’s Ale as the beer ingredient!  Not having a Murphy’s ale on hand, and not having much experience making bread with beer, I decided to use a trusty […]

Guinea Hen for Dinner

By: Tommy B

I guess I will start this article with a “disclaimer” similar to what Everett did on one of his posts a few months back… Disclaimer: This post contains words, information and pictures on killing and eating a live animal. I make no excuses nor do I feel guilty about my current omnivore diet. I have, […]