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Category: Food

Food preparation, including food storage options like canning, drying, and freezing, as well as cooking, savoring, recipes, and everything involving food that isn’t still moving or growing in the gardens and pastures.

Squirrel Stew for Dinner

By: Everett S

My nephew Christian came to visit with my mom this weekend. Christian is an avid hunter and fisherman, but he won’t shoot at an animal unless he knows it is going to be a clean kill shot. So while he spent three full days hunting deer in the woods from sunup to sundown, and spent […]

On The Importance of Multiple Food Saving Methods – Freezer Setback

By: Everett S

Never rely just on freezers for your meat storage. I’ve never liked the idea of canning meat, but I think we’ll be giving it a try soon. If we can manage to dry, freeze and can a little bit of everything we’ll have our bases covered when stuff like this happens… Also lost were a […]

Grinder Cleaning – Lesson Learned

By: Everett S

When you have just a little bit of a spice seed that needs to be ground, it is important to make sure you clean out the grinder first. Here we ended up with coffee-flavored fennel. It might sound good (licorice flavored coffee?) but wasn’t what the Indian dish called for.

A Quick Update

By: Everett S

I realize we haven’t posted much lately so I wanted to give a quick update on a few things. Company, Travel and Friends We have had a lot of company over the last couple of months, and I was out of town for work an entire week. We have really enjoyed our time spent with […]

The Beautiful Bounty of Barley and Rye – from Beer to Bread to Livestock Feed.

By: Tommy B

On Friday I made an all-grain batch of beer – Rye Pale Ale.  As some of you may know when you brew an all-grain batch you can use upwards of 25 lbs. of grain before it’s all said and done.  Even though the barley and rye are doing a great job to produce 10 gallons […]

Making Chestnut Flour – Cooking and Preserving Chestnuts

By: Everett S

I promised a post about making chestnut flour when I wrote about our two prolific chestnut trees last month. I managed to get all the way up to the point of picking, scoring, roasting, peeling and freezing the chestnuts, but just couldn’t find time for the last step: Grinding them into flour. Today for lunch […]

Harvesting, Curing and Eating Walnuts

By: Everett S

We have lots of walnuts on this property. I’ve been around walnut trees most of my life and have tried to eat them a few times with no luck. Why didn’t the walnuts I picked up in the backyard taste like the ones you bought in the store? Well, first of all I didn’t know […]

Harvesting Some Last-Minute Left Overs

By: Everett S

Today I had a chance to do some foraging for other items around the yard. Even though all of the apples are gone (I think the nearby walnut trees are killing the apple trees; we’ll fix that) for the year, there are plenty of left-over things to eat. In a previous post I mentioned all […]

Video: Washing Machine Cider Press Instructions

By: Everett S

Our friend Lydia sent us a link to an NPR story about a couple who created a washing-machine cider press after reading this Mother Earth News article about making The Maytag Cider Press. WOW, great idea! Has anyone tried this? I’d like to give it a shot, but neither the NPR clip, nor the MOE […]

Our Chestnut Trees

By: Everett S

The bad news is that getting hit with a falling chestnut is like having a small porcupine dropped onto your head from ten feet above. The good news is we have all the chestnuts we can eat and they are raining down like manna from heaven! I picked chestnuts on a small market farm in […]