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Category: How-To

How-To information and tips. Learn how to build, cook, make or achieve something in your quest to live a simple, happy life.

Deer & Varmit Proof Garden Fence… We Hope!

By: Everett S

We’re about finished with the garden fence now and rather than try to explain everything in text I thought it might be easier to film a quick explanation. Being new to the world of iPhones, we filmed in portrait mode. Lesson learned… This time I’ve decided to do the garden fence right so hopefully I […]

Blending Up a Moss Shake to Spread on Rocks

By: Everett S

We took a few trees down around the house that were threatening our roof. My neighbor Tommy also helped me do some roof repairs, during which time I took the opportunity to scrape the large patches of moss off of our shingles. But what to do with it? I used some as a type of […]

Splitting Wood Inside a Tire

By: Everett S

While at Dancing Rabbit our host Nathan shared his tip on splitting wood without wasting time and energy. I’m all for wood-splitting efficiency so I thought I’d share… It is important to note that this wood-splitting trick is most helpful for people, like Nathan, with smaller stoves that require a lot of thinly-split pieces. The […]

A Visit To Our Wood Lot for Locust Posts = $350 in Savings

By: Everett S

The Home Depot sells 4″x4″ x 9′ long fence posts for about $25 each. Since we needed 14 of them for the garden fence it would have cost me about $350 had I purchased them instead of cutting them out of the wood lot. Though it doesn’t account for the price of property, I prefer […]

DIY Portable Greenhouse and Food Dehydrator Combo

By: Everett S

I inherited a food rack from the barn on a previous property several years ago and have always wanted to turn it into an Appalachian-style food dehydrator. I still plan on making the conversion this summer, but spring use as a portable greenhouse or cold-frame is another option for these restaurant food racks… The trays […]

How to Can Green Beans

By: Missy B

This is the first time I’ve canned something by myself from start to finish. It took longer than I thought, but it’ll be well worth it when we are eating green beans all winter! Here is how I canned the green beans… First I put the jars and utensils in the dishwasher on a hi […]

Using Wind Energy to Simplify Your Life

With so many ways to get energy to your home, it can be a bit tricky to decide which option is best for you. Today, we are going to focus on Wind Energy and discuss some of the benefits with you. If you are looking for a green solution as well as a way to […]

Catching a Bee Swarm

By: Tommy B

I belong to an email list for a local beekeeping club and for the past month it has been hot with folks postings leads on swarms – in buildings, on the side roads, in gardens and so on. It’s amazing how quickly beekeepers get on these leads and immediately snatch them up. Just the other […]

Guinea Hen for Dinner

By: Tommy B

I guess I will start this article with a “disclaimer” similar to what Everett did on one of his posts a few months back… Disclaimer: This post contains words, information and pictures on killing and eating a live animal. I make no excuses nor do I feel guilty about my current omnivore diet. I have, […]

Makeover a Crappy Table

By: Missy B

I’m not quite sure where it came from, but this table has been with us for a few moves now and usually has a tapestry thrown over it with a printer on top. A few weeks ago I drove it up from the barn to the porch for me to give it a makeover so […]