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Category: Places

Whether it’s about the areas in which we live or places we’ve been to (or would like to go), the concept of ‘place’ is very important to many of our quests for the simple life.

Growing Accustomed to Life On a Farm

By: Everett S

I look out the window to see Donkey and two cows galavanting their way through the backyard. Everett hops up to run out the door and herd them back into the pasture. So naturally, I hop up to grab the camara and here’s the short version of what happened next…

Volunteering On Other Farms to Learn What to Do on Yours

By: Everett S

Yesterday was the second time I’ve taken paid-time-off (i.e. ‘vacation time’) to go “help out” on another farm. So far it has been the best way for me to learn new skills and meet new friends. I’ve also taken a few weekend days to work on other farms in the area. I’ve learned some new […]

Our Day on the New River Trail (Video)

By: Everett S

We haven’t been posting much lately because, as usual, we’ve been working like mad-folk and by the time we plop down at night to eat dinner we are just too exhausted to think about writing a blog entry. But don’t take that the wrong way… A: I love writing the blog and sharing our experiences; […]

Pictures From Last Week Around the Farm

By: Everett S

Here are a few pictures that have been sitting on the camera since last week.

Friday Night at the Floyd Country Store

By: Everett S

We went over to the Floyd Country Store to see some good ol’ fashioned bluegrass music. It was a banjo picken’, upright bass smackin’, guitar strummin’, harmonica blowing, sweet voice singin’ good time.

A Tour of The Property – FINALLY!

By: Everett S

Missy finally finished editing this video that’s been sitting on our camcorder tape for about a week. In it you’ll see our property from the vantage of the back yard.

Moving To The Country, Gonna Eat Me a Lot of… Apples?

By: Everett S

Denver has been great to us, but it is time to move on to this next chapter – for better or worse – and give it our best shot. We’ll find out if that’s good enough sometime within the next few years. I hope you will continue to come back and share the journey with us.

The Time Has Come…. We’re Going Home!

By: Everett S

With a mixture of telecommuting, self-sufficiency skills, frugal living, fertile land, and agritourism we hope to turn our dream of balancing technology and simplicity in rural Appalachia into reality.