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Category: Renewable Energy

Posts about renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydro power on LASL.

A Pictorial Journey of Our 26 Wood Piles

By: Everett S

The bad thing about the first winter in a new spot way back in the forest is that you’re surrounded by wood, but none of it is burnable. It’s all “green”. The good thing about every other winter for the next several decades? Well, 26 pictures is worth 26,000 words so… Here are 26 pictures […]

Using Wind Energy to Simplify Your Life

With so many ways to get energy to your home, it can be a bit tricky to decide which option is best for you. Today, we are going to focus on Wind Energy and discuss some of the benefits with you. If you are looking for a green solution as well as a way to […]

An Off-Grid Passive Solar Cabin Design

By Tommy Bailey In July 2010 I finally had the opportunity to pursue a dream of mine – to begin construction on an off-grid passive solar cabin that I designed and would build myself. It took me about 3 months of several weekends and evenings to rough in the entire structure and I spent the […]

Building a Cob House

By: Everett S

Cob is also energy efficient, owing to walls that are often a full meter thick. Building with cob allows more customization than other forms of building, and are capable of more truly reflecting the tastes and aesthetic inclinations of their dwellers.

Becoming a Certified Solar Panel Installer

By: Everett S

Becoming a certified solar panel installer requires obtaining certifications from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). Learn how to get started!

How to Build a Basic Wind Turbine

By: Everett S

Learning how to build a basic wind turbine is often not as difficult as many people imagine. It is certainly not simple, but with the right planning and research, you can build a basic wind turbine in a short space of time.

Warmth and Supply Chains: Considering the Source of Your Home’s Heat

Recently my home heating ‘backup’, a criminally inefficient old furnace, died. Pondering replacement options gave me an opportunity to consider the many ways one can power a furnace.

The Off Grid Water System Diagram by Fred Roensch

By: Everett S

Guest expert author Fred Roensch, PhD. was kind enough to give us the graphic below, which shows a few different ways one might set up an off-grid water system, including drinking water intake and filtration from different sources and hot water heating, as well as black and grey wastewater use and disposal. Click on the […]

Off Grid Water Part 2 – What is Black, White and Grey Water?

By: Everett S

Domestic water is usually discussed in terms of three types of water: white water”or potable drinking water, grey water and black wastewater. Each type of domestic water will be discussed separately.

Off Grid Water Part 1 – Testing Your Water Supply

By: Everett S

Water quality is critical for an off-grid home. Therefore before you purchase land for an off-grid home, have the water source or sources tested for inorganic, organics and bacteria. Contact your local health authorities for specific sampling requirements, local certified laboratories and advice and interpretation of results of the tests.