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Category: Reviews

Reviews about the products we love, from hand-cranked grain grinders to gas-powered generators; from frugal living blogs to the latest books on our nightstands.

What Are You Reading? LASL Asks Other Bloggers

By: Everett S

The leaves are drying out and fall is nearly over around here. I’m looking forward to lots of winter evenings in my favorite chair by the fire reading a good book. Last week I reached out to some of our favorite bloggers and some folks who follow this blog to get some new book ideas. […]

eBook Review – Coming Home: Letters from a Tiny House

By: Everett S

I read Coming Home: Letters from a Tiny House by Hari Berzins in two sittings. The first was about a month ago, and the second was tonight. It was an enjoyable read, but I think the book would have been better suited for bite-sized sessions. I would have liked reading a little each day with […]

What It Takes to Light This Place Off The Grid

By: Everett S

My preference in lighting this one room cabin is to use oil lanterns because I enjoy the warm glow of natural light over the cold, blue beam of LEDs. However, the problem with oil lamps is that they do burn up a lot of oil, and that stuff isn’t cheap. It would be cheaper, and […]

Book Review: The Weekend Homesteader: A Twelve-Month Guide to Self-Sufficiency

By: Everett S

This review is long overdue. In the interest of full disclosure, Anna is a friend of mine and I (sadly, since I am only just now getting to post something well after it was available in stores) was given a free advance copy to review on this blog. Sorry Anna! #LotsGoingOnRoundHere The Weekend Homesteader: A […]

A Crock of Convenience

By: Everett S

I’m kind of a cheapskate. At least that’s what my family tells me. The fact is, I don’t like to buy stuff for the sake of buying stuff. I’d rather use that money to build infrastructure around the home (like making it more energy efficient), or to pay off the mortgage way ahead of schedule. […]

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products I Use

By: Missy B

In the comments sections of my last post Making More Lip Balm, a reader asked if I would share which products I use and where I get them. Why, I’d love to! Before I begin, I’d like to recommend you watch the video of The Story of Stuff about Cosmetics. It was a real eye […]

How to Spin Yarn: Using My New Lendrum Spinning Wheel

By: Missy B

I have been wanting a spinning wheel for several years now, ever since I learned how to spin yarn on a drop spindle. I took one lesson here at the end of summer from a local spinner at her yarn shop, and I tried out a few wheels at the Sedalia Fiber Festival last year. […]

Gunther Hauk’s Natural, Holistic Approach to Honey Bees

By: Tommy B

For the past year we have been blessed with the presence of an internationally know author and presenter of all things honeybees in our little mountain community of Floyd.  I am drawn to Gunther Hauk’s work with the honeybees, not only as a fellow beekeeper, but because I want to “keep” bees in a way […]

Agricola – Analog Farmville

By: Everett S

What I DIDN’T know is that Agricola (sort of like an analog version of Farmville) is really – no, REALLY – complicated at first!

WonderMill Grain Mill Demo

By: Everett S

Our friend Tommy came over yesterday and used the grain mill to grind up some barley for his home-brew. I took the opportunity of having two free hands while the grinder / mill was in use to take some quick video for anyone who might be interested in getting one.