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Category: Reviews

Reviews about the products we love, from hand-cranked grain grinders to gas-powered generators; from frugal living blogs to the latest books on our nightstands.

The Thermo Cube: Keeping the Well Pump-House from Freezing

By: Everett S

Frozen pipes got you down? …down under the house in a cold, damp, spider-filled crawlspace, that is. Enter the Thermo Cube!

Solar Food Dehydrator – I Want One – I’ll Make One

By: Everett S

I want one of these solar food dehydrators that hang from a tree branch, hook, or wherever you want to put them – but there’s no way in hell I’m going to pay nearly sixty bucks for one. They would be easy to make, and I have some extra mosquito netting in the barn, but […]

Homesteading, Back-To-The-Land, Rural Skills, Foodie, Self Sufficiency Books

By: Everett S

A gigantic list of book reviews about homesteading, self-sufficiency, sustainability, the back to the land movement, survivalism, preparedness, organic gardening and more.

Be Better Off

By: Everett S

You really can be better off by turning things off. That’s the premise of Better Off, a book by Eric Brende, which chronicles his 18-month journey of self-discovery in an Amish-like settlement somewhere in middle-America.

Solar Oven Review Video

By: Everett S

A review of the Global Sun Oven by Sun Ovens International. I made this video at a recent group picnic in Denver, Colorado.

Zip-It: The Eco Friendly, Healthy Drain Cleaning Tool

By: Everett S

When did we get so grossed out by our own hair that we decided it would be better to dump a half gallon of expensive, corrosive chemicals down the drain than to just use a tool like this?