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Category: Simple Thoughts

Thoughts about simple living, voluntary simplicity, homesteading, philosphy, religion, politics, and other topics about which we are entirely unqualified to write.

I Love The Fact That…

By: Everett S

Today I filled the second trailer and truck-load full of stuff to take over to the new place. The first load, yesterday, was of compost and wood. This load will include chicken-wire, 100-feet of flexible drainage pipe, a generator and some fencing. I love the fact that moving for us these days involves the transport […]

We Are Walking Trees and Floating Plants Made of Grist From the Mills of God

By: Everett S

The title of this post is paraphrasing a quote from one of my favorite passages of all time of this year. The passage I have excerpted below was written by American naturalist John Burroughs, pictured here. This was a man who truly knew how to observe nature by removing all the crap that filters the […]

Meet Our Neighbors, John and Janet!

We’re Everett and Missy’s farm neighbors. This is our story about “Living the Simple Life”. Working in the big city for years certainly had its conveniences; coffee shops, bars, restaurants, shopping, etc. However for us, the ugly truth of the big city was way too close; crime, obnoxious traffic, career stress, inconsiderate people, politics, and […]

Porky the Pig – Raising Our First Hog for Slaughter

By: Amber B.

I was looking around some of my files and found this brief write-up about my first encounter with the slaughtering of a hog.  Both my father and husband are deer hunters so I have seen animals cut open and “processed.”  Tommy and I have also processed our chickens if they were roosters or when they […]

How Work ‘Should’ Be…

By: Everett S

I have to admit I was a little upset about all the work I put into the new site not getting the reception I’d hoped for. In the end, I’m sure it will all work out. But right now I just want to tell a little story about how my life is different now than […]

Rethinking Voluntary Complexity

By: Amber B.

When I first heard the phrase Rethinking Voluntary Complexity I was struck with an internal bolt of lightning. This concept of voluntary complexity is something I’ve pondered for the last several years, but I never had a name for it. I could sit and think, if I reduced this or didn’t use that we wouldn’t […]

Seasonal Goals – 2010 Thru 2011

By: Everett S

This list below is an ongoing seasonal to-do list around here. By ‘ongoing’, I mean that it is not finished and subject to change. These are some of the smaller projects that will help us reach our long-term goals for the next two years.

It’s Been a Good Season: Now Our Big Goals for 2011 and 2012

By: Everett S

Thanks to Anna’s inspiration, I am going to set out our BIG goals for 2011 and 2012. These are things that we realistically expect to achieve. I will follow-up with a list of short-term goals that I would like to complete this season. We will use these seasonal and annual lists to break down between ourselves what our priorities will be on a weekly or monthly basis.

Conscious Ignorance Can Be Bliss

By: Everett S

As if I needed a reminder: THIS is why we don’t have television. Our we selfish for wanting to live in our own little world? Maybe, but I don’t care.

I Just Quit A Dream Job.

By: Everett S

For those of you who read my last post, or participated in the Facebook poll, this may come as no surprise. I submitted my letter of resignation today. I quit my job. Why would I quit what I describe as a “dream job”? This job allowed me to work from home, in another state, with […]