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Category: Sustainable Living

Posts from LASL about how to live a sustainable lifestyle, save money, and leave a better future for your children.

Dialing back to make room for activism I don’t know about you but my desire to live in a smaller home closer to the land is directly related to my understanding of climate disruption that is happening now all over the world.  I want to create less pollution and use fewer resources as a I live my life.  Living at Dancing Rabbit […]

Small House Design Ideas: 10 Best Energy Saving Tips

Tiny House Design Ideas: Looking for some energy saving design tips for your tiny house? Check out this video to learn how you can live more sustainably in a house designed for energy efficiency, while saving tons of money. Reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your energy bills often go hand in hand. So check […]

Homesteading Blogs

By: Everett S

These are the homesteading blogs I read. The blog owners may not know who I am, but I read their posts every day from my Bloglines account, and if you’re interested in sustainable living then you should too!

A Pictorial Journey of Our 26 Wood Piles

By: Everett S

The bad thing about the first winter in a new spot way back in the forest is that you’re surrounded by wood, but none of it is burnable. It’s all “green”. The good thing about every other winter for the next several decades? Well, 26 pictures is worth 26,000 words so… Here are 26 pictures […]

Homesteading Classes and Hands-On Homestead Courses

By: Everett S

Homesteading is difficult but don’t be discouraged. With a bit of help from people who know how to live off the land, you can avoid many of the pitfalls and greatly improve your chances of success.

Building a Cob House

By: Everett S

Cob is also energy efficient, owing to walls that are often a full meter thick. Building with cob allows more customization than other forms of building, and are capable of more truly reflecting the tastes and aesthetic inclinations of their dwellers.

Choosing a Hand-Cranked Grain Mill

By: Everett S

I just spent two hours researching and choosing a hand-cranked grain mill. Here are a few of the mills I considered and which I ended up going with in the end.

Uncovering a New Spring on The Property

By: Everett S

I think I’ll use this spring to feed a pond I plan to dig in the marshy area at the bottom of the hill.

Choosing The Best Snowblower

Whatever corporate hack decided to go overboard with silly bells and whistles should be thrown into a volcano so they can get back to making high quality machines. Bottom line: This may be the best snowblower for the price, but it isn’t perfect.

Comparing Woodsplitters

Heating with wood can be as high or low tech as you choose. I favor technology to save labor. You’ll have to choose: woodsplitter or maul.