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Category: Uncategorized

All of the misfit posts from Simple Life bloggers that don’t fit into a better category.

Setting Up and Using a Band Saw, or A.K.A. – Wrestling with a Bandsaw and Finally Winning!

By: Tommy B

I have a lot of power tools – a lot!  And up to this point in time I have not acquired a tool that I could not figure out how to use within the first 15 minutes.  Welp, it took at 9″ band saw, several hours of my time, and finally resorting to visiting a woodworker […]

Decorating With Winter Flora

By: Missy B

Even though most of the trees are bare and flowers are dormant, there are still many ways to decorate using what you’d find in your yard. I trimmed a few hydrangeas (correct me if I’m wrong) and put them in a vase to create an artful bouquet. I also broke off some branches that Everett […]

Kubota Farm Tractor Finds A Good Home

By: Tommy B

Today, I said goodbye to my Kubota 43hp 4×4 tractor with all its implements, including a backhoe!  I have worked through some feelings around this sale.  It’s sad because I loved that tractor and used it all the time, but it’s good to know it will help me get one step closer to being debt free. My life looks […]

Why Not to Rely Only on Frozen Food for Preparation

By: Everett S

I know some folks who almost entirely rely on freezing food, including all of their meats and veggies. I even know people who freeze their grains. While freezing is a convenient and important part of food-saving, you should always try to include a variety of methods in your plan, including drying and canning. I have […]

Cutting Down Trees so a Passive Solar Cabin Can Collect Sunlight

By: Tommy B

I didn’t want to do it, really. I have spent a year mulling over this situation trying to figure out if there was any other way, but  I came to the conclusion that it needed to be done. Last weekend I cut down two very large Pine trees that were blocking the sunlight to a Passive Solar Cabin […]

Tell Us Your Story! How Did You Make The Move to Off Grid Living?

By: Everett S

We’d like to put up some profiles from those readers / visitors who don’t mind sharing their story. Here’s looking forward to reading about some regular, everyday, inspirational off gridders!

We Are Walking Trees and Floating Plants Made of Grist From the Mills of God

By: Everett S

The title of this post is paraphrasing a quote from one of my favorite passages of all time of this year. The passage I have excerpted below was written by American naturalist John Burroughs, pictured here. This was a man who truly knew how to observe nature by removing all the crap that filters the […]

Meet Our Neighbors, John and Janet!

We’re Everett and Missy’s farm neighbors. This is our story about “Living the Simple Life”. Working in the big city for years certainly had its conveniences; coffee shops, bars, restaurants, shopping, etc. However for us, the ugly truth of the big city was way too close; crime, obnoxious traffic, career stress, inconsiderate people, politics, and […]

Our Wood Stash – We’re Like Squirrels

By: Everett S

To a stranger, it might look like we just have piles of wood strewn about haphazardly, but while explaining the “science” of our wood piles to Missy yesterday (as she rolls her eyes at me), it struck me how squirrel-like we are in this matter. Squirrels, contrary to popular belief, don’t always just make a […]

How Work ‘Should’ Be…

By: Everett S

I have to admit I was a little upset about all the work I put into the new site not getting the reception I’d hoped for. In the end, I’m sure it will all work out. But right now I just want to tell a little story about how my life is different now than […]