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Chicken Nesting Box Give-Away at Life on a Southern Farm: Ends 5-19-2010

By: Everett S

Free nesting box give-away!The Life on a Southern Farm blog is giving away a free chicken nesting box. All you need to do to be entered is to click here and comment on their blog. It looks like a pretty nice design actually. I’ve never seen a nesting box made from sheet metal, but it seems like that would be much easier to clean than wood.

I’ve entered myself so if you’re not entering yourself – wish me luck!

If you don’t win you can buy one of these two-whole chicken nest boxes for only $50 her!

By the way, here is yet another great example of resourceful homesteading folks creating a micro-business that allows them the freedom to live their lifestyles in rural America. Thank you Internet!

Category: Roundups, The Transplants

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  1. I won’t be entering to win, because there is no place in my rented duplex for a chicken box. My landlady would have a heart attack. However, I wish you all the luck in the world!

  2. Anna says:

    I was chatting with one of our customers over email and he’s building chicken tractors and selling them to new backyard chicken keepers in the area. It seems like there’s an endless series of microbusinesses just waiting to be started!

  3. I found at least 6 chicken feed troughs in my barn. They are each about 7 feet long. I never thought about giving them away. Amazing what you can find. They used to raise chickens on my property, but I’m not interested in raising any yet (maybe when I retire).

  4. Andrea says:

    Chicken tractors?! OK, I just googled it and found out it’s a portable pen.

  5. Mr. Simpleton says:


    I remember the first time I heard that word too. I thought it was a big tractor that hauled around chicken coops or something.

    …or *picturing chicken riding a tractor.

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