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Decorating With Winter Flora

By: Missy B

decorating with winter flowers post image

Even though most of the trees are bare and flowers are dormant, there are still many ways to decorate using what you’d find in your yard. I trimmed a few hydrangeas (correct me if I’m wrong) and put them in a vase to create an artful bouquet. I also broke off some branches that Everett had cut down that were covered with lichen. Lichen is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen around the farm and I love the color. I put them in a heavy crock so it wouldn’t tip and placed it on my new made over table.

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  1. Amber says:

    I especially love the lichen covered wood. I also enjoy using fresh pine, spruce, juniper with berries, milk weed pods, and so many other great winter time arrangement possibilities.

  2. Gerald Gaise says:

    The words living & simple alone soothes my heart very well.

    The soap process you taught me has really helped me. Trees abound in my area. each one adds beauty to one another creating beautiful cluster of trees.

    Stay blessed and continue to enjoy your simple life.

    With love from your new friend,


  3. SanDandy says:

    There is so much beauty is the simple everyday things God provides us. We just returned from Far West Texas and it was so beautiful.

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