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Dialing back to make room for activism

16184351362_21ffd91cd6_zI don’t know about you but my desire to live in a smaller home closer to the land is directly related to my understanding of climate disruption that is happening now all over the world.  I want to create less pollution and use fewer resources as a I live my life.  Living at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage allows me to do this.

One of the un-intended benefits of living this way is having more time to dedicate to activism.  With fewer monthly costs I’m able to have more time to go to demonstrations, write letters to editors of local papers and contribute money to important causes.  My ‘rent’ is cheaper and my money goes farther thanks to this lifestyle change.

If you are eager to apply a system like this to your life, Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is holding a really unique event this summer.   It combines low-carbon living practices with personal growth work and activism.   It happens August 12-18, 2016.

Do you know of other programs like this?  What do you need in your life to feel powerful in this time of incredible change?

Aaron Murphy


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