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DIY Portable Greenhouse and Food Dehydrator Combo

By: Everett S

I inherited a food rack from the barn on a previous property several years ago and have always wanted to turn it into an Appalachian-style food dehydrator. I still plan on making the conversion this summer, but spring use as a portable greenhouse or cold-frame is another option for these restaurant food racks…

The trays slide out for easy access to seedlings. Be sure to put the opening “curtain” on the right side of the rack though, as the trays only slide out from one side.

Food Rack Seedling Tray


I put a few pieces of wood on  a cookie sheet / rack near the top to give the roof a bit of dome so water wouldn’t pool on top of the plastic and weigh it down.

Portable greenhouse roof


Keeping the plastic closed wasn’t too difficult with the use of  carabiners and some plastic ties. A few layers of heavy-duty duct tape and some small metal washers or grommets will keep the plastic from ripping.

Plastic greenhouse DIY


Here you can see the outline of the metal washer to clarify that last point. The washer is sandwiched between layers of duct tape. This has withstood a few decent storms with no problem.

Metal washer in plastic

I’ll add a post when I get around to transforming this useful restaurant cast-away into a food dehydrator later in the season.

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