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Easter Sunday Vignettes

By: Everett S

Yesterday I put in the corn and beans, added mulch, watered the garden, spread gravel in the drive, cleaned out the gutters, put up the hummingbird feeders, pulled weeds, thinned seedlings, etc…. so I decided to take today off, as recommended by at least one out of four major religions. Here are just a few short video snippets I took while relaxing at the home place this afternoon.

In This Video:

  1. Sprouts starting indoors. These will be put out next weekend.
  2. Smokey the cat, the spring branch, bridge and chickens.
  3. Feeding chickens. Notice how our rooster lets the ladies eat out of his beak. He’s a perfect gentleman. That’s why we kept him and ate his brother instead.
  4. The last one is for our soon-to-be son Waylon. We just want him to know that he’ll be learning about frugal, simple living from an early age… (says the dad with his video camera gadget)

I just realized I didn’t leave the text up long enough at the end. That’s what those automatic fade-out transitions do to video. Anyway, it said “Congratulations if you guess Harry Potter Wand! You’ve just won $5 off some crappy plastic Harry Potter wand toy from WalMart!

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  1. Mama Bear says:

    I wanted to say that I enjoy your blog…my husband of 44 years and I grew up in families where the way of life was simple. We’ve had a farm and grown most of our food. We’ve lived in cities and bought most of our goods. As my husband nears retirement from his job with a company which makes zinc oxide from mostly recycled material, we have begun to think about how to survive on less. Once again we have a garden which will enlarge, we’re planning to have a few chicks…we do not have much acreage…and he is also interested in supplementing our income with a computer based business.

  2. Everett says:

    Thank you for commenting Mama Bear. I hope you and Papa Bear find what you need and find out what you don’t need in order to survive on less. Please come back and say hello again some time.



  3. Birdy says:

    Oooh, I can’t wait to have chickens of my own!

  4. Marty Martin says:

    I’ve got to find some way to get Roanoke County to allow chickens in a residential zone… 😐

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