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Farm Update – May 20-24th

By: Everett S

OK, so here is what has been going on around here lately. I know you probably subscribe to this blog for more than just bullet-point updates, and we have REALLY been slacking on the how-to videos, but what can I say: It’s that time of year. I do promise some how-to stuff sometime soon though. In the meantime, here’s a fun list and some pictures…

  • A snake got all the broody hen’s eggs. Last seen slithering into the woods with large bulges down his body.
  • None of the turkey eggs hatched. We waited 30 days. I guess for all of his bravado Jackson wasn’t taking care of his hens’ needs, which makes me feel even better about our decision.
  • Ripped up the flooring in half of the workshop outbuilding. Replaced floor joists with cinder-blocks and a 2X8. Put wood back, laid carpeting down, and organized. Looks nice. Now have a tiny bit more confidence in the whole DIY thing. Remember playing Zelda on old Nintendo when you had to collect all of those gems to get to the next level? That’s sort of what it feels like… One thing at a time… building blocks and all.
  • Next is the garden shed. Then when all of the wood-working stuff and common tools, as well as the rakes, shovels, hoes, etc.. are out of the barn I can move on to organizing IT.
  • I drove to my dad’s and picked up his paint gun, and to get a quick lesson. It’s been raining a little bit almost every day. Waiting for 3 full days of sunshine followed by forecasts for three more before painting the outbuildings and house. Then I’ll wait for another stretch before painting the barn.
  • Went to a small intentional community in Floyd to help them put in the transplants. Met and worked with three interesting and friendly guys.
  • Went to help out on another small farm today in Floyd. The sheep were too spooked by low-flying jets to be caught, but we met some wonderful people, ate great food, dug some fence post holes and learned all about the wonders of locust wood and portable electric fencing.
  • We have a new dog! Clyde is his name.  We picked up from the pound. He is friendly, smart, large and protective with long hair = Perfect for an outdoor dog.
  • As you may have already read, I finally put the hammock up.

Wife is yelling at me to get of the computer to eat. Bye for now! Pictures below…

farm update post image 2

Oh yea, and I changed my mind about where to put the garden. Rather than tilling again though, this time I’m just going to lay down straw bales and let them rot until next spring. The worms and organic matter should make the ground nice and soft by then. We’ll see…farm update post image 3


farm update post image 1

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  1. Jason says:

    The other day at work our communications director told me that people don’t like to read anymore…they just want bullets. So your bullet lists may be on to something. Last fall I tilled in a bunch of straw I used for mulch on last year’s garden and it didn’t breakdown as fast as I thought it would have. In the ‘wetter’ climes of Virginia that might be completely different. Sounds like you’re finding a groove though. You two are on to something. Thanks for helping make the connect with Dan…I love random smallness of the world sometimes. Enjoying your blog.

  2. Young Mogul says:

    The dog is the cutest! And…we like the bullets, as long as they are accompanied by pictures!

  3. Sandy says:

    Holy toledo that hammock looks so inviting with the bubbling brook nearby…I feel sure you could catch a few zzzz’s out there

    Love the dog, looks like maybe border collie mix?

    You know I straw bale garden and currently our bales are looking good with tomatoes, pumpkins, gourds, cantaloupe, cukes and acorn squash. I

    f you let yours set out there for a couple weeks –get rained on and add a little composted manure….you could plant some tomatoes in a couple of weeks for an Aug crop! Your bales look good in the background.

    There’s a guy here in NC (Raleigh area) that does a huge straw bale garden and OMG you should see his stuff!!! if you want the site, let me know. Check out far so good!

  4. Mr. Simpleton says:

    Hello Sandy,

    Yes I think I’ve checked out your site a couple of times because you mentioned the straw bale thing. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Lani says:

    Love Clyde! What a cutie! Sounds like things are moving along nicely. And, yes…I agree with Sandy that the hammock does look really inviting! Enjoying the updates.

  6. Mr. Simpleton says:

    I’m just testing the new feature that allows you to subscribe to comments. Don’t mind me…

  7. Just another test.

  8. Mr. Simpleton says:

    Hello Mr. Testington. This is a reply to your comment.

  9. Katie says:

    You can use those wet, moldy straw bales once they break down a little on top of newspaper for a great mulch in between the rows in your garden, or mulch wherever! Newspapers (wet) are the best under-mulch mulch ever. Anything to keep down the weeds!

  10. […] very day that I switched jobs. So when you look at big lists of to-do’s and ta-dones like, this, this, this and this – Don’t think we’re not having fun […]

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