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Finally Here, and Finally Now

By: Everett S
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I’ve said for years that the ideal situation for me would be to own a good piece of land next to hand-picked neighbors / friends, as opposed to living in an intentional community. Today I signed the contract and paid the down-payment on 17 fantastically varied acres and a nice little home. My neighbor just happens to be the one person in Floyd that I would choose above all others to form an intentional community with. Best of all, we each own our places – thus avoiding many of the issues I did not care for in an intentional community. We get all or most of the benefits of Community with few or none of the drawbacks.

Several years ago the plan was for me and Missy to buy land and sell off a piece to friends so we could end up in this situation. The long, divergent road of destiny may not have taken the path we had imagined, but for me the intention has finally manifested. The funny thing is how it took letting go of how I wanted or expected it to happen in order to get here.

For once I don’t feel like I am waiting for some future time and place. I have arrived in the present and intend to stay.

PS: For anyone wondering about Missy, she’s doing great. Here is her blog! She’s taken Salvaged Threads in a totally new direction, is dating a great guy, is still living here in Floyd, and remains one of my best friends in the world. Oh, and she’s learning how to tattoo!

Here’s to my new neighbor Tommy, and to stepping back and letting the universe do its thing…

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Category: Simple Thoughts, The Transplants

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  1. This is great news, Everett! It’s always nice to hear that tremendous people are doing great things in the world. Someday, I’ll come join you. This website is also such a great resource for living a simple life. There are so many great posts about doing all the things that we were all put on this planet to do, and it’s a very appreciated moment away from the chaos of the city life. Looking forward to reading more as it becomes available!

  2. lisa shrefler says:

    That is fantastic! Gotta love it when your dreams become reality. Very happy for you!!!

  3. Everett says:

    Thanks Lisa! I saw your like on our FB page. I love the new profile pic. You look great!

    Phil we will be seeing you for FloydFest right?

  4. Lani says:

    So happy things have worked out for you both! The property sounds wonderful. Look forward to hearing all about it!

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