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Floyd Virginia Needs a Local Craft Brewery – Nano or Micro, I’m ready!

By: Tommy B

I was tetter-tottering back and and forth on whether I wanted to write and publish this post.  I didn’t want to cross any ethical lines on whether I should use this forum for personal gain, but after much thought, and reassurance from a good friend, I’m going for it.  After all, I assume most viewers of this blog have similar values and are the type to support great local businesses over big corporate ones.

I want to make a living in a way that speaks to me, fills my creative self and, of course, pays the bills.  And luckily, I have reached a point in my life where I can live on a ridiculously small income!  But, unfortunately, creating and running a nano-brewery is only break even.  There comes a point when one could make a modest living brewing beer, but the capital investment is such that it is often prohibitive to get started.  Knowing this I still want to give it a try!  I already make beer in the evening and weekends, so why not try to do it on a bigger scale while still not getting paid! Why? Because I love it and the promise I can gain popularity, a loyal following, and somehow/someway find additional funding to expand and get to a point where I can pay myself. And knowing that everything I have ever “really” wanted in my life has happened because I was diligent and worked hard to get there, I know this brewery will not only be successful, but profitable in time.

Like Everett said in his recent post, it’s late and I have already been in front of my computer screen over 8 hours today working my day job so I think I will end this and get straight to the point.

I would appreciate your support in my starting a nano-brewery in Floyd!  Please check out:

for more information!


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