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I Have My Own Tap at Tommy’s Bar!

By: Everett S
Beer Growler

This growler is filled with a chocolate stout brewed by my neighbor Tommy.

Our neighbor Tommy brewed me up a batch of my very own milk stout beer!

I helped pay for the ingredients, which cost about $25, and Tommy did the brewing. We split the beer 50/50, and I should get about four of these HUGE growlers full.

One of the cool things about this deal is that he has taps on his back porch, one of them now dedicated to me until I drain my share of the beer – which shouldn’t take me long.

I should mention that this is a “chocolate” milk stout inspired by Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Milk Stout. Mmmmm… delicious.

Have you ever heard that saying that the only thing better than owning a boat is having a friend who owns a boat? I feel the same about home brewing…


Category: Food, The Transplants

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  1. Canningmama says:

    Oh, I bet that tastes good! I, of course, am not a fan of beer, but if I can tolerate anything, it’s a stout or a porter. Particularly chocolate or coffee. :)

  2. Tommy says:

    One correction to your article. You get 7-8 growler fills! Can’t wait to get home and see how it’s aged!

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