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Homesteading Blogs

By: Everett S

These are the homesteading blogs I read.
If you know of some others worth adding please use the comments field at the bottom of the page.
TreeStone Farm Homestead

My Personal Homesteading Blog Subscriptions:

The Walden Effect – Mark and Anna, my favorite homesteading couple, blog about everything from trailorsteading and running a micro-business to chicken waterers and mulch.

Tiny House Family – Hari and Karl share their adventures in tiny-house living here in Floyd, VA.

Carpe Diem Acreage – The chronicle of a family who has built a new green home and are trying to live a greener and healthier lifestyle.

Animal Escapades – The blog for Leaping Lamb Farm, a 40 acre homestead nestled in Oregon and home to the U-Latch inventors.

Achorn Farm – A family blog about farming in Maine

Applegarth Gardens – Musings on life in the garden, sustainable living, cooking, raising children and living “the good life” in Northwest Washington.

City Boy Starts Farming – What happens when a city boy buys some land and starts living in the country.

Fast Grow the Weeds – The journal of an organic garden in SW Michigan.

For Better or Worsted – The knitting, baking, gardening, remove-yourself-from-industrial-food blog.

Going to the Country – Shaun and Amy Jones’s blog about simple living.

The Happy Homesteader – A Mother Earth News blog about homesteading.

The Field Lab – The Southwest Texas alternative energy and sustainable living field laboratory

Living the Good Life Blog – The musings of Living the Good Life author and Australian renegade homesteader Linda Cockburn.

Lost on Dragonfly Farm – One family’s attempt to “get thru this thing called life as stress free as they can and with as much laughter as possible”.

Tiny Farm Blog – Organic micro-farming with two acres and some tools.

Mud on the Tracks – In which your typical suburban family with rural aspirations makes it happen.

Walnut Spinney – Striving for self-sufficiency in a modern world with a homeschooling family of three and a mom who would love to have more spare time to indulge in spinning, knitting, weaving or reading.

Throwback at Trapper Creek – A diary, of sorts, to chronicle the similarities and differences of homesteading on a 1881 farm, in present day.

Seldom Seen Acres – Recipes, simple living and seldom seen acres.

Prairie Roots Blog – Practicing permanence on the great plains of South Dakota.

The Quince Urban Homestead – The story of an urban family as they try to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

That does it for MY list of morning coffee reads. What’s YOUR favorite homesteading blog?

Below is a list of resources for those interested in sustainable farming. Whether you have an organic suburban garden, urban homestead, small-scale farm or a large agriculture venture, we hope these links will be of use to you.

Sustainable Agriculture & Small-Scale Farming:

Urban Homesteading & Suburban Gardening

Survivalism and Preparedness

Category: Farming & Gardening, Sustainable Living

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  1. Paul Myatt says:

    Thanks for that list Ebert. Ma favorite is

    They have so much good stuff there. How to save money with renewables, stuff about living in a van (like I do), growing stuff. Check it out!


  2. Kim says:

    So excited to see you have me on your list of daily reads. I have bookmarked your site and will be back after the holiday storm 😉

  3. Off Grid Ebert says:

    Thanks Kim. I really got a kick out of reading about the bad boys Obama and McCain. It makes it easier to put them on the table when they act like that!

  4. Shannon says:

    Thanks so much for this list of homesteads blogs. I cant wait to read them.:)

  5. Nicole says:

    Thanks for all the great links. I am just beginning my adventure into homesteading and all these blogs have great tips and stories.
    Much appreciated!

  6. Sundari says:

    I really like the Dervaes family website/blog, at (click on the Journal link for their blog).

    You can also read my blog at I don’t post every day, but you can subscribe to the blog and receive updates in your inbox!

  7. Tgauchsin says:

    Thanks for the links, I can’t wait to start reading them.

    My favorite is The Walden Effect.

    They describe themselves as “a couple of back-to-the-landers living simply on our 58 acres of swamp and hillside in southwest Virginia…. ‘The Walden Effect’ is a term Mark uses to describe the changes he’s experienced since moving onto the farm. He’s given up television, the fast food life, and even paper towels, and finds that his mind is clearer than it’s ever been before.”


  8. Becca says:

    Thanks for the List, Its a great source, Ill keep coming back to as i have the time so that I can add the blogs to my reading list. The one I make time for everyday is

    I can’t wait to go over the ones you like and add some if not all to my reading list.

  9. farm mom says:

    I just wanted to say how happy I am to be on your list, and I’m adding your wonderful site to my links! :)

  10. littlejon says:

    Glad to see someone else reads the same stuff as me!

    Another one I would recommend is

    They’re good folks and good friends

  11. Farmer John says:

    Thank you so much for collecting some great blogs all in one spot. I glean so much information from other peoples stories. This makes it real easy to read a lot of great stuff!!

  12. BeccaWA says:

    Thanks for your list. I’ve bookmarked it!

    One of my favorite blogs is Jenna Woginrich’s Cold Antler Farm Her blog is very readable, as she is a writer by trade (she wrote a book about her homesteading experiences: Made from Scratch). It’s heartening to see young people like her give homestead life a try.

    Thanks again for your list!

  13. Caity says:

    These blogs look so interesting! Thank you for compiling this list. Here’s one about homesteading and living sustainably in NYC. Its pretty funny, and has some creative suggestions for homesteading in the city.

    Can’t wait to check these ones out!

  14. ROCKY HUGHES says:

    this is so cool. my wife and i are in our mid fourties and we both are disabled and trying to find a place off the grid to live. i was a young farmer as a kid and she was as well. now as we get older is all we do is just find our dreams going futher and futher away. it cost so much money to buy land and then build a house and so forth. we have tried to rent a place but there way off the chart for us. but she is in need of peace and quite,she had a brain tumor and now we just count the days down as we wish and wait.i pray for a place where a group of people can live as one large family,not in the same house but in our on little community. i was a chef by trade and i can butcher, and i can do allot of differant things. help me make my wifes dream come true. all i can say is GOD BLESS YOU GUYS THAT HAVE DONE IT…..

  15. Beegirl says:

    Great list! Found you though a Google search! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Hi, This is my website and blog. It’s new and we’re new to homesteading. I don’t update it everyday but I do every week, thing are pretty busy for me on the farm so everyday is out of the question…at least for the growing season. I hope you like it. I’ve thus far had positive reviews, and I’m always open to suggestions.

  17. Erin says:

    Just found your site! It’s really great information! Thank you for sharing! My husband and I are getting ready to make the transistion from the city life to homesteading in the country… So, thank you for the great resources!

  18. I am trying to locate families that are contemplating the move from the burbs to a more intentional type of living. If this sounds like you, a prominent production company is developing a TV series and they are looking for you. If you are interested, fill out a simple questionnaire and you may be contacted if you fit the bill.

  19. Issa says:

    I searched Google for homesteading blogs and ran across your list. Thanks so much! I’m about to start a homesteading journey of my own, and I look forward to reading everyone else’s great stories.

  20. Amie says:

    I am so glad to see that someone follows my blog. I am however so that I have not had many interesting posts in the past year. I seem to have gotten distracted with the newest addition to farm… our baby boy. He has been taking up so much of my time I don’t get time to blog but i hope to get back to a routine soon.
    Thanks again for following.

  21. Eric says:

    Thanks for the links. I have been reading information for quite some time now and almost out of debt so I am building that nest egg and getting ready to take the steps to live sustainable. I am interested at looking at more information regarding self-sustainble communities. does anyone know of a site with good information and conversation regarding the topic? If so please shoot me a line at


  22. Ariane says:

    I miss the old Pocket Farm blog! It was wonderfully written, with great pictures and all sorts of things about life on the farm, sustainability, eating local, etc. Does anyone know of another blog to fill the void? Thanks!

  23. My FAVORITE homesteading blog is Okay okay, so it’s my own blog, but you definitely should check it out!! It’s all about our family’s new life in the country, with a goal of self sufficient living. Some pretty funny stories, and lots of information from the more experienced.

  24. Hafiz says:

    What a great idea. Thanks for the list. Love reading about other people’s adventures!! Love the b/w photo of that cabin.

  25. Question: Has anyone heard of “Homes Through Homesteading”? A friend of mine said they helped her while she was homeless, but I think she forgot what they were really called. Any ideas?

  26. Hi and thanks for a great list! Perusing these blogs and sites will keep me busy all week. Our family lives in the suburbs of Denver, but we’re trying to incorporate homesteading and sustainable living principles, too. We’d love to have you stop by our blog and say hello. Thanks again!

  27. Herbert Beer says:

    Great info and fun reading. Here is a blog outlining a wonderful pursuit of the wilderness. You all may enjoy it.


    Enjoy life and be safe.

  28. The Hermit says:

    You’re welcome to visit my blog about building a green, off grid home in the San Luis Valley of Colorado… I’m a geek, and all my toys run just fine on solar electric power…

  29. Sinclair says:

    What a great list! I will have to explore them all in the coming weeks. I am going to do some homesteading posts in the coming months, though I am not “off the grid” myself. I hope to be in the future, and I do follow some homesteading techniques.

  30. please take a few minutes of your time and read my chicken blog. I have been raising 50 breeds of chickens for 40 years.

  31. you should check out this web sight. A family of 4 livind off the grid in pasedia california,trying to grow 10,000 pounds of food for their family. They also have animals and cook out side. thanks cj

  32. Elizabeth says:

    I love all the links! Thanks.

  33. John Wells says:

    I love the folks you got on your list….please consider adding me to it.


  34. kelly says:

    I love this site, come look at mine

  35. Heath says:

    Thank you for listing all of these links. I have been living a simple lifestyle for years with the intention of going completely off the grid ASAP. Recently, I was “downsized” by the corporation I worked for so I started flipping the main breaker on my house to save on my electric bill. It seems I’ll be living off the grid sooner rather than later at this rate. Anyway, I’ve decided to write down some of my thoughts on living a simple life and homesteading in general. If you’d like to read some of my posts please check out my blog at My blog is a work in progress, but since I have a lot more time now that I’m out of work I’m sure it will grow in size rather quickly.

  36. Kathryn says:

    Perhaps you may be interested in my homesteading site

    We’re a practical, homesteading today site for the homesteader. We use organic farming methods based on back-to-basics principles and simple living, doing things the old-fashioned way and working towards self-reliance and backyard self-sufficiency. It’s a site for homesteaders whether you live on an American family homestead, an Australian homestead, practice urban homesteading in the suburbs or just enjoy country living so that all paths lead to sustainable living.

  37. Hi, thanks for this list. I will be reading through the sites I’m not familiar with already. I invite you to come and see my site.

  38. FYI, Children in the Corn is open to invitation only.

  39. michael says:

    Just wanted to thank you for posting this list. My family is just beginning our journey to self sufficiency which you can read about it here at

  40. Thank you for publishing this list.

    We have started a new blog

    Focusing on self-reliant living.

  41. Wonderful list! I look forward to checking out every single one. We have an off-the-grid site, very remote, very simple. Homeschooling, food, horses, chickens, wilderness, all those fun things.

  42. This is just wonderful! Thank you for sharing all of this information. We raise alpacas, homeschool our children, really want to get more animals and are so happy to be getting more control of our lives. Blessings to everyone.

  43. Bernhardt says:

    Thank you so much for these links! They sure make life a lot easier when trying to make it difficult (in order to make it easy in the long run).

    One very interesting book losely related to Homesteading and making it of the grid, though slightly more radical, is the ‘Handbook of Traditional living’.

    The same place also sells a few real nuggests (like the Self-sufficency handbook and the Ecotopia-books):

  44. Mary Lund says:

    Thanks for a great list! I maintain our family homestead blog which gets updated every day with our homesteading experiences: Thought you might enjoy.


  45. MUCKBOOTDIVA says:

    I recently started a new blog — MUCKBOOTDIVA.COM — Come visit!

    Splashingly yours,


  46. Rob says:

    Please consider adding my blog to the list: Follow a family who trades in city life for country living on the edge of Lancaster county in Nebraska.

  47. Lazypossumfarm says:

    We have also recently just started blogging. It is a rough start but much more to come. Come share with us!!!

  48. jj says:

    An interesting blogroll, for sure. Unfortunately, some of the links are out of date, or the bloggers have quit posting, which is too bad. However, there are also some good ones in the comments! I will add a link to my own blog – it’s about (drumroll) city kids moving to the country. What a surprise!

    At any rate:

    come on by!

  49. Robbie says:

    I check Cold Antler farm every day. That girl can WRITE…

  50. VolcanoBrian says:

    Thanks for the list. It is always good to see what others are doing and how many of us are striving for a more sustainable way of life. is a blog about homesteading in Appalachia. Check it out if you like… if not, that’s cool too.

  51. Judah says:

    Thanks for the list.

    I was looking for homesteading websites on google and just came across your list. Cant wait to check these sites out! Thanks.

    My family and I are making our own journey into homesteading and we are looking for all the information we can get.

    Our blog is at

    Thanks again!

  52. Kim says:

    Just ran across your blog thanks for the list of sites plan on checking them out. I need all the help I can get. :)

  53. Karl B says:

    I suppose “off the grid” has enough margin to allow high speed internet? Internet is one luxury I would have trouble doing without!

  54. Really appreciate this list! Even though some of these people don’t seem to be writing anymore, I just found a heaping handful of new blogs to read and interact with. :)

  55. Greetings,
    My name is Andrew von Zuben.
    I live in central Ontario, Canada.
    I have been homesteading with my family for about five years.
    I have just started a blog about our experiences.
    My goal is to encourage others to choose the homesteading lifestyle.
    I’d like you to check us out.
    I post daily with all my heart.
    We don’t have any advertising.

  56. Shauna Weber says:

    This guy has some pretty funny stuff going on some times!

  57. Jason says:

    Thought I would throw my site into the mix since I have been around for a few years and someone might gain some tidbit from it.

    thanks 😀

  58. Olof says:

    Thank you for making it so easy to find so many different blogs. I’m just starting my journey one step at a time to self sufficiency so learning from others is something I’m very interested in.

  59. Geo. duncan says:


    I’m interested in connecting with self reliant, artistic people who want more control of how they live their lives.

    find me on facebook…George Duncan Design


  60. Dean says:

    Thanks for the comprehensive list …. Ive viewed some of these … Others I need to check out. Thanks for all the new reading Materials!!

    We have set up a new site that isn’t a blog, but rather a social network for other bloggers, homesteaders, backyard farmers and the like …. a place where we can gather and exchange ideas, and inspire each other. Its free to join, so come on over and say HI.

    Happy homesteading!

  61. big Ambigui says:

    Lush site. I like it. If you get a chance to mosey on over, please stop by “There’s a Rooster in the Hen House.”

  62. Canuc says:

    Hi..good read,nice to read that some wish to work hard,and reap the benefits (satisfaction)at the end of the year from their labors.I am a senior(government says i am old)living in B.C.Canada worked as a logger(faller)most of my life,destroying the very beauty i wish to seek and live in,the man has his ways of keepin us on the hamster wheel.(working hard an going nowhere)any way i would like to hear from some folks in my local,that also like the idea of living off grid,growing,raising,preserving.gathering Etc. etc… Thank you.

  63. I lived off grid for a little while. I built my own cabin, and anyway our whole story is on our blog. I just wanted to say nice blog. I hope to give the homestead a second chance soon.

  64. Bryan says:

    My wife maintains a blog ( about our life in an off-grid, off-road-system cabin in a fairly remote part of Alaska. We have learned much from you and others since our move from the city. Thanks for all you do!

  65. Ariel says:

    I write a culinary and homesteading blog called The Farmer’s Hands. Please check it out! Its about our homesteading explorations and culinary advice from my partner a NYC top executive chef turned homesteader.

  66. Kelly says:

    Check out our blog about homesteading in Southwest Florida:

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