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Homesteading Goals for 2014

By: Everett S
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Waylon and CatIt is easy for me to do a lot of projects and complete a lot of goals, while at the same time feeling like I’m not getting enough done. The feeling is compounded in the cold winter months when so much time is spent indoors, staring out the window at a frost-covered landscape.

Perhaps it will help if I state this publicly, and to myself…

If I can accomplish the following goals in 2014, it will have been a very productive year on the homestead:

    • Fence in the garden (8′ deer fencing with two gates, buried rabbit guard, weed guard, and mulch row under fence)
    • Build a chicken coop (easy to clean with multi-day feeding and watering system and easy egg-collection access)
    • Fence in the chicken pasture
    • Build two more compost bins
    • Finish the wood shed
    • Build a storage shed
    • Convert existing storage shed to glass blowing shop and workshop (with insulation, fireboard and electric)
    • Build a hoop house (probably using pallets, re-bar, PVC pipes and clear plastic sheathing, like this)
    • Establish a trail to the proposed cabin site and begin clearing the area for building in 2015
    • Fill chest freezer with deer meat in the fall of 2013
    • Put up more food than I ever have before
    • Make a year’s worth of homemade soap bars
    • Make farmhouse cheddar cheese again
    • Spread more gravel on the driveway
    • Build a permanent creek-crossing foot bridge

Build an outdoor shower

I’ll check back at the end of the year to see how it went…


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Category: Simple Thoughts, Sustainable Living, The Transplants

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  1. Hari Berzins says:

    That’s an impressive list! I’m inspired to create one, too. But I think it will be short: finish the big house. Can’t wait to have a longer list of fun projects. What a big sigh we will all take when we can focus on homesteading with all of our hearts. Good luck on the list, and let’s make some videos of these projects. Cheers to you, friends!

  2. carolin martens says:

    My list is a little shorter. Grow more tomatoes this year for canning. Plant an apple tree. Make more candles for my clay pots for winter. Can vegetable using my new pressure cooker. Pay off some bills, and save for braces, a field trip and uniforms for high school for my 3 girls.Best of luck to you with your list.

  3. Cliff Cowan says:

    I have some homesteading goals for 2014 as well, but my #1 goal after these last nine weeks of school are finally over is taking a road trip to Virginia to visit my cuz!….as long as the invitation still stands, of course?

  4. Everett says:

    Of course it does Cliff!

  5. Everett says:

    So far I’ve got the garden fence done, the storage shed half-built, the driveway graveled, and compost bins put up, along with the trail to the cabin site.

    The chicken coop and pasture are going to be the most likely not to get done this year. Fingers crossed!

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