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Homesteading Pictures

[ 6 ] December 17, 2008 |
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Audrey Lynne Brooke PhotographyWe wanted a page where we could put our favorite photos, and showcase some of Audrey’s work. Many of these photos were taken by Audrey Lynne Brooke, a local Floyd photographer, and my wonderful partner. She would appreciate attribution if you decide to use any of these images. Please use this: Copyright Audrey Lynne Brooke – We are working on her photography site, which will be up soon.

Homestead Photos and Pictures

Sunrise over the barn

Everett took this picture with a cheap little camera as the sun rose over the barn last year. Clicking the image links to a larger version, which you are free to use however you like.

Barn Walk

This is our walk back from the mailbox, past the barn, down the hill, across the creek and back to the house.

Cows Through The Window

Father Son Pic

I’m so thankful for Audrey, who takes such wonderful pictures that we’ll all be reminiscing over some day with the grandchildren.

Tree Path

Audrey’s Lunch Tree

View of the house, pond and barn

View of the house, pond and barn from the goat hill at my last place. I still miss this property sometimes.

Cooking on the wood stove

Garden Produce

cabin snow

Fond memories of this cabin.

Audrey and Waylon in the garden.

Audrey and Waylon in the garden.

Everett and Amber Eating

Everett and Amber

Missy and Joy

Missy and Joy

Nathan Brown with Scythe

Nathan Brown with Scythe at Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage

Clothes Line in Sunshine

Our skivvies and unmentionables out there for all the deer to see. Oh my!

A vew from across the pond with chestnut tree in front of house.

A view from across the pond with chestnut tree in front of house. We are no longer on this property. Taken by Everett with a cheap digital camera.

Skinned Squirrel

Christian with one of his three squirrels on a crisp, Janurary morning. Taken by Everett with a cheap digital camera.

Snow and Audrey

We had a week of non-stop rain followed by a week of non-stop ice, snow and sun. It has been a beautiful winter here in southwest Virginia. I can’t think of any place I’d rather be.

Fresh Garden

The first year a garden is cut out of the forest. Everyone pitches in.

Audrey Picking Apples

Audrey picking apples, from which she made pie, apple sauce. I made some apple butter with what was left.

Beautiful Female Gardener and Cutest Boy In The World

Waylon helps Audrey inspect the first plant.

Morning Sun with Propane

Sunrise around here is always a nice thing to witness. The best thing about this picture though is a full tank of propane for off-grid cooking and water heating!

Blue Ridge Mountain Farms

A view of the farms near our homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This one is my desktop wallpaper. I don’t know who took it and can’t say what the copyrights are on it. I just wanted to share because it’s a great image.


Summertime in southwestern Virginia.

Audrey Lynne Brooke

copyright (c) Audrey Lynne Brooke – 2013

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Comments (6)

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  1. Off Grid Ebert says:

    Do you have photos of your own homestead you’d like to share? Please leave a comment with a link to your photo below (links to homesteading/organic gardening/sustainable living sites only).

  2. Eve says:

    These photos remind me of the ones in my grandmothers photo album. My mother was raised on a homestead in the then rural area of Williamsburg, OH. Of course, homesteading was the way of life for my grandparents and probably yours too. I sometimes feel that I am not living up to my roots because I don’t know how to can vegetables yet and am not a very good sewer. (Is that part of it?) I remember going into my grandmothers pantry and seeing stacks and rows of canned beans, tomatoes and peppers; I even remember sitting around the kitchen breaking beans. Even being only a first generation “city-girl” there is still a lot to re-learn about the natural way. Thanks for providing a platform. Do you having any advice about building a small greenhouse for Ohio winters?

  3. juanita says:

    I don’t have any advise. I just can relate to what your saying. I, too, can remember living in the country and mom sending me to the garden to get food for dinner. What a life!
    I am trying to get back to the simplicity and like you am looking at land and off grid living. Good luck getting your info for the greenhouse.

  4. Thursty says:

    The fifth picture from the top sure looks like one I’ve driven by many times in northern Arkansas.



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