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By: Everett S

Welcome Living Off Grid readers!

Solar PanelsThough sometimes a challenge, the many benefits of living off grid make it all worthwhile. It is liberating to know that you can fend for yourself in daily life as well as during emergencies. How can one describe the feeling of running your house or business off of clean energy sources like natural gas and propane, or renewable energy sources like solar, wind and hydro? Who could explain the effect being out of the city and suburbs has on your sense of well-being? How many of us would enjoy more fresh produce grown organically on our own property? And how safe we would feel knowing that we were prepared for emergencies and had the means to live a self-sufficient life?

This website isn’t just about owning property that happens to not be connected to the big power company’s grid. It is about living closer to the land; Being responsible for the culture, values and environment we leave behind to our children; knowing that life was meant to be enjoyed, rather than working in a tiny cubicle to earn enough to accumulate stuff we didn’t need in the first place.

Well, that’s what it’s about for me at least. But more importantly:
What is living off grid about to you?

Why Living Off Grid has moved to Living A Simple Life…

For the last several years I have been operating two similar sites, and Although the topics are similar the audiences were different, which is why I chose to have two websites. The Living Off Grid audience was a little more “hardcore” in some aspects, leaning predominately Libertarian with an interest in “survivalist” type posts. They didn’t seem to care much for my highly personal blog posts, which seem to be appreciated by at least some of the LASL readers.

Keeping up with two blogs is difficult though, especially when I don’t post as much on either as I’d like to. So I have decided to combine the two here on LASL. You may notice a lot of new posts in the RSS feed within the next couple of days, but that should slow down once the import is complete. I don’t expect the LASL content to change much, though there may be a few more posts about preparedness, micro-hydro, solar, etc… going forward.

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  1. The relayer says:

    The Government has made it Illegal to live off your own land.. so be careful They’re just evil enough to start a problem.

  2. Hi Everett.

    I’m catching up a bit late to your not so corporate “merger”, but I’ve updated my website link to yours to include this LASL site as well.

    But I have a question. Your LOG site had a lot of resource links that I, and many others, have found invaluable. I don’t see a similar resources section here for OTG products, reviews, etc. Will you be maintaining LOG, or adding resource links here?


  3. Everett says:

    Hi Terri!,

    Which resources were you wanting to see here? I’m happy to make sure they’re up. I had a few pages on LOG that are not posts on LASL. For example:
    Wind Power Resources
    Solar Power Resources
    Composting Resources
    RV Living Off the Grid

  4. katlupe says:

    We live off-the-grid, but not so hardcore either. Just enjoying our own power system and providing as much things as we can for ourselves. We grow our vegetables and adding more fruit this year. No heating fuel cost. My goal is simple living, but sometimes it doesn’t seem so simple. Especially when my husband set up our power system. I am not so sure if something happened to him that I could manage it.

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