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New Technology for An Old School Technophobe!

By: Tommy B

IPOD Touch

When it comes to technology I am pretty old school.  I’m still using CD’s, still not carrying a cell phone, and not until a few backs did I ever send a text!  But, I’ve broken new ground…..

I’ve been wanting an Ipod Touch for a few years now but never could justify the cost. I considered it a luxury and could think of a hundred other things I could do with several hundred dollars instead.  That was until I learned it does a lot of things other than store and play music.  Even though I am somewhat of a techophobe I value and appreciate the internet – especially when I want to look up a new beer recipe or an old music video from when I was a kid. So, very recently a prepubscient teen was showing me all the cool things you could do with the Ipod touch.  Like get on Youtube, check email, look at the weather forecast and so on.  I was pretty much sold but I still couldn’t make the leap…

Well, that was until recent events like meeting a really cool girl who lives about 12 hours away and my not having a cell phone or good long distance plan! She mentioned texting but of course I don’t have a cell phone and immediately ruled that out, until…….by some fate chance a friend was showing me her new Ipod Touch and said you could text, AND FOR FREE!  Ok, I was sold, and it only took me two days to order one!

Come to find out you can download a free Text “App” to the Ipod and, bam, I was in business!  Being a text Virgin I didn’t know anything about texting, but I am an eager and quick learner and sent my first few texts pretty flawlessly! I quickly learned it’s fun, it’s cute, it’s cool, it’s convenient, it’s a lot of things I didn’t know or wouldn’t let myself allow because I thought texting was something that “other” people do.

I currently have 3 text friends and like it, but am not looking to expand that much more.  As fun and pratical, yes I admit I actually said practical, it is, I don’t want to be tied to the Ipod and texting all day! Everything in moderation has always been a good guide for me.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say an old dog can learn new tricks. Just like me pushing my mom for years to get on “email” and now she is!  Who knows, I might actually have a cell phone in 5 to 10 more years!

After much research I decided to buy my Ipod Touch on If you are inspired and ready take a look at their website just click here; I got a stellar deal and it came a lot quicker than I can get to “town” to buy one. Happy texting and what other cool apps you might find!

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  1. Curt says:

    Wait until you discover Skype. My son can talk and see his cousins in a different state and talk for free on his IPOD.

  2. tommy says:

    Actually,Curt, about the same time I got my Ipod, I was inspired to check the whole Skype thing out too. Yep, it’s pretty amazing. I’ve been trying to get my mom on since she lives a distance away and doesn’t get to see the grand kids very often. I think this would be a perfect way to see and stay in touch between our physical visits.

  3. Yabusame says:

    Which app was it then that gives you free text messages? I had a look at the App Store and downloaded TextMe but I don’t know anyone else that uses it.

  4. I think it’s called “Text Now” by Enflick. I would double check but my Ipod is not around at this moment. But, it works great. They assign you a free phone number and you can text anyone and receive texts from anyone for free. They even n voice option, but I think you can only use it with other folks who are using the same app.

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