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Oil Lantern Safety Idea

By: Everett S
Two knots in lantern pulley

A knot on either side of the first pulley to keep the lantern from being pulled up too high or from dropping too low.

With a two-year old running around you can’t leave oil lanterns sitting out on tables to be knocked over. I’m sure there are dozens of ways to do this, but I settled on using materials I already had on hand:

– About 8-10 feet of rope
– Two small coat hanger hooks
– Two small pulleys
– Two self-tapping eye hooks
– One sturdy carabiner

I wanted to be able to lower the lantern easily for filling and lighting without having to put it on the ground where I’d be constantly wrestling with my son to keep him from grabbing it. It needed to be above his reach whether lifted up or let down, and the release knot needed to be out of his reach too.

no-handsUsing the coat hooks like this keeps me from having to tie and untie knots. I can get the lantern up and down with one hand while the other holds a bottle of oil, or a lighter, or keeps a toddler’s curiosity at bay.

In the event that the release knot came loose (as it did when he invariably found a way to reach it by pushing an end-table across the room) it had to have a safety device to keep it from crashing onto the floor. Also, it had to be high enough when lifted to cast light over the entire room.

This is as far as it will drop. Low enough to fill and light; too high for curious little troublemakers. The wood stove is a little more difficult to Waylon-proof. Safety there consisted of: Touch it once and he’ll never touch it again. That works… sort of. Now he thinks he’s smart enough to know when it’s hot or cold and likes to test out his theory every chance he gets.
wood stove

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  1. EcoCatLady says:

    Oh my… I am chuckling mightily. I have a cat who believes that all objects were put on this world for him to play with. I figure he’s just trying to encourage me to become more of a minimalist.

    Anyhow, if I need to keep something out of the paws of the Smokey Bear, it’s a real challenge, and CatMan is always suggesting in jest that I hang anything important from the ceiling. I’ll have to show him this post!

    Although… Smokey can jump over 6 feet into the air so I’m not entirely sure this would work…

  2. tommy says:

    Love it! Ingenius!

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