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A Pictorial Journey of Our 26 Wood Piles

By: Everett S

The bad thing about the first winter in a new spot way back in the forest is that you’re surrounded by wood, but none of it is burnable. It’s all “green”. The good thing about every other winter for the next several decades? Well, 26 pictures is worth 26,000 words so…

Wood Pile Picture

Stacks of wood are everywhere!

Here are 26 pictures of our wood piles. I hope you enjoy them. Click the images to see a larger version.

Red Oak curing in the sun.

Category: Funny, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Living

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  1. Anna says:

    This post feels like a children’s book — I love it!

    I also forgot to comment on Audrey’s post and congratulate you both on your engagement, so I’ll do that here. It’s wonderful that you’ve built a new family!

  2. Everett says:

    Thanks Anna!

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