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Rethinking Voluntary Complexity

By: Amber B.

When I first heard the phrase Rethinking Voluntary Complexity I was struck with an internal bolt of lightning. This concept of voluntary complexity is something I’ve pondered for the last several years, but I never had a name for it. I could sit and think, if I reduced this or didn’t use that we wouldn’t have to work so hard to continue this lifestyle. We’ve actually lived simply or fairly simply from the beginning. We never desired cable television, cell phones, fancy cars or luxury homes. Our clothes, furniture most household goods were second hand, but somehow our life still seemed extravagant in comparison to some vision I had in my mind. We still own two vehicles and shop at the store for most of our food. We pay an electric bill every month and I am still shocked every time I see it. I am very energy minded and conserve in every little way possible. I can only imagine the bills of many other folks who use electric for their main source of heat, leave the lights on day and night, and constantly run the clothes dryer.

Rethinking Voluntary ComplexityRethinking Voluntary Complexity could take on many meanings even to one individual like it does for me. Overall, every choice I make, I start to think, how does this make my life more easy, how does it complicate it. Do we choose to buy a new(er) car? Our family is growing and we are literally running out of room on trips. The car is small but fuel efficient. Having a car payment would definitely fall into the complicate my life category, but having a larger vehicle also falls in the making my life simpler category too. Are there any other options? Maybe we could get a roof rack carrier to accommodate the overflow of luggage on trips; that might buy us a few more years in the vehicle we already own.

For me, Rethinking Voluntary Complexity ranges in everyday choices such as not buying a larger vehicle right now, to using cloth diapers, to getting internet at home, to using wood for heat and so on. I truly believe that our life reflects the choices we make. We have the opportunity to change anytime we choose. Some changes of course are slow and gradual movements toward a lifestyle goal, while others are drastic and create immediate results. Either way the choice is yours.

What does the LASL tag-line “Rethinking Voluntary Complexity” mean to you?
Read more on this topic on the LASL About page, and please share your thoughts below if you feel so inclined.

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  1. Maksym says:

    Hey, I just stumbled across your website and I really believe in what your doing. For quite some time ive been coming to grips with the fact that more is not always better, and that less can be more. I’m planning to lead a simple life myself, just in a different way. I love to travel so I’m in the process of moving onto a sail boat. Anyways I just wanted to say hi, didn’t see a link to an email so here it is 😉

  2. AdminAccount says:

    Hello Marksym,

    Congratulations on starting your journey. We wish you good luck and safety in your travels. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Melayna Johnson says:

    I am absolutely inspired by your website. We try living simply as much as possible but when i read this site i realize there is so much more i can do. Thank You. And keep up the good work. Our goal is to become more self sufficient so that we dont have to work so hard and we have the time to enjoy nature and eachother.

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