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She loses it.

Still at it in our natural home.  In this video we are finishing the reclaimed brick floor, go to an italian party and freak out over rope.

So we’ve been Busily laying bricks in our house to finish our floor and now we’ve got one more step to do! Today we’re going to color the mortar between the bricks. We’re using a copperas; it’s a copper soil amendment for the garden, and were just going to dissolve it in some water and spray it on the floor, let the water evaporate and the copper will react with the cement that is in the mortar between the bricks. It’s gonna look cool.
So today I want to show you how we used copperas, a soil amendment to stain the floor in our house. you can see some of it has been done already. To my right here the grout mortar between the bricks has a little bit of cement in it and that cement reacts with the copper; to the left over here it is very white in the grout between the bricks. So that does not have the copper turning it orange yet. You can see over here it is a little bit darker, that’s because the grout hasn’t dried yet.
So luckily for climate change we have another couple of weeks to keep getting our house ready for winter. We spent all of October and November working really hard on the house; thinking we’ve gotta move into our house before winter! and we thought we did that and then December rolled around and we still have another week and another week to keep on prepping the warren, the yard, the lease hold; cleaning things up and getting ready for … snow , preserving our wood for winter, keeping it covered and dry. What’s that music? That music is in the casa, there is a dance party going on every Saturday at 1pm; we have a 5 rhythms dance party where the rhythm takes you higher and brings you back down; it’s an energetic experience. It’s really awesome to have this multi purpose room, the casa, where we can have dance parties, concerts, conferences, it can be used as an educational site and last week I used it to sew the curtains for my house. See ya, I’m going to Lunch in another community building where somebody else cooks lunch for me, um 4 days a week. It’s really nice.
Look at the picture, Hazel drew it. What is it of? oh it’s a person, that’s how Hazel draws people. So, we had our lunch and were heading back home to keep workin’. Keep on keep’n on. We had our lunch in our cooperative kitchen, with a family with three little girls, and were planning to go to an Italian party. We have a resident here who’s Italian and before she goes back to Italy for the winter, she is throwing a party with her partner; at their house. with lots of imported Italian food. Which will be kind of fun. Yeah, Her mom sends her a care package with Italian chocolate and cakes, breads and cookies; olives and cheese.  So we’ll have a great time enjoying her heritage with her before she goes back to visit the family for the winter.
Why are you doing interesting things with out me? so this is just coffee grounds and water. Well, I made curtains for our house. There thick insulated curtains and these are going to be the pull ties to pull up the roman shades. There cotton because I wanted to be able to dye them. I’m using coffee grounds, turmeric and alum powder which is a mordant to bind the color to the fabric. Ok, so I feel like I made a mistake. by leaving the coffee grounds in while i died the rope. I’m gonna stop this video now, no body wants to watch me untangle rope.

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