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Category: Simple Thoughts

Thoughts about simple living, voluntary simplicity, homesteading, philosphy, religion, politics, and other topics about which we are entirely unqualified to write.


Blueberry Apple Jam

It’s blueberry season. They’re ripening faster than we can pick ‘em right now. The rush to put up as many as we can inspired me to write some background on preserving abundance. If you’d like to skip the intro click here to jump to the Blueberry Apple Jam recipe below. Eating seasonally is a good […]

Homesteading Goals for 2014

Homesteading Goals for 2014

By: Everett S

It is easy for me to do a lot of projects and complete a lot of goals, while at the same time feeling like I’m not getting enough done. The feeling is compounded in the cold winter months when so much time is spent indoors, staring out the window at a frost-covered landscape. Perhaps it […]

Solar Panels Has Moved to

By: Everett S

Welcome Living Off Grid readers! Though sometimes a challenge, the many benefits of living off grid make it all worthwhile. It is liberating to know that you can fend for yourself in daily life as well as during emergencies. How can one describe the feeling of running your house or business off of clean energy […]

Home Made Apple Pie

Picking Wild Apples

By: Everett S

Earlier this week Audrey and I went stomping up and down the creek picking wild grapes to make grape-juice (just put them in a mason jar with 3/4 cup of sugar, pour boiling water over them and let the lid self-seal. Good for several weeks without refrigeration). It was fun to climb around on the […]

Showing Waylon plants

Our Own Little Community In the Making (and pics of Waylon!)

By: Everett S

I have some great news to announce! Missy (Waylon’s mom, for those new to LASL) and her partner Benny have decided to build a cabin on this property. We’ll have about 17 acres between the two households on this land, which is still plenty of room for everyone. The slightly larger property next door to […]

Everett's First Decent Glass Pendant

A Newbie’s Philosophical Glass Blowing Notes

By: Everett S

My latest hobby has proved very fulfilling so far. I find myself drawing parallels between glass blowing and other things throughout the day. As I roll a piece of gum around in my mouth and mold it into a ball I am reminded of spinning a glass marble in a graphite mold. Making something tangible, […]

beer mugs

Finally Here, and Finally Now

By: Everett S

I’ve said for years that the ideal situation for me would be to own a good piece of land next to hand-picked neighbors / friends, as opposed to living in an intentional community. Today I signed the contract and paid the down-payment on 17 fantastically varied acres and a nice little home. My neighbor just […]

Fields of Green

The Last Three Months in Pictures

By: Everett S

The last three months have been wonderful, but full of things that trumped posting on Living a Simple Life. Having recently become close friends with a photographer, I thought the best way to play catch-up and save a few thousand words would be with pictures. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my lovely and […]

My New Home

To Good Days…

By: Everett S

This morning I woke up without an alarm, cooked oatmeal on the wood stove while heating up the cabin, meditated, ate, and did a couple hours of paid work on the computer. I ran some errands, had lunch, met Missy at the coffee shop, and came back home. I read, went for a run, worked […]

Farmhouse for Sale in Floyd, VA

Farm for Sale 38 Acres (New Price!) with Solid Farmhouse

By: Everett S

Anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows that we’ve been having trouble finding our preferred balance between the “Simple Life” and the realities of being parents and technology professionals in a rural area. Our goals have not changed, but a lot of other things have. We have decided that our goal will […]