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Solar Cookers – Sun Oven Video Review

By: Everett S
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global-sun-ovenAs some of you may know, I run a product review website on which I compare different brands that carry similar products. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to buy every product I compare, so I’m left with the assumptions I can gather from other online reviews. I think of the site less as a first-hand product review website and more as an amalgamation or summary of the different review sites out there. If I wanted to purchase a certain product, the first thing I’d do would be to go online and find out what people are saying about each brand. My brand comparison website seeks to take that step for you so you can then focus on finding the best price for the best brand.

HOWEVER – and this is a big however – the problem with this approach is that I don’t have first hand experience with all of the products I compare.

Luckily I was given the chance to update a recent review and give the Global Sun Oven by Sun Ovens International a first-hand test drive at our recent picnic for the Denver Urban Homesteading Group.

Below is a video of me checking out the Global Sun Oven solar cooker first hand, and here is the solar cooker review where I have reconsidered and given the Global Sun Oven the Editor’s Choice award. This product honestly deserves to be singled out for it’s overall quality, not just because they sent me one to review (I have to send it back), but because it really is a great all-around solar oven:

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  1. Eamonn says:

    Honest evaluation on the cooker, cheers

  2. Shirley W says:

    I just came across your website via Greater Denver Urban Homesteading Group which was just suggested to us. We have used a solar cooker (in Denver) made by a friend of ours from CSprings. He builds his cookers out of recycled parts (does not believe in currency). While quite bulky, we have baked turkeys and roasts with no problem, although as you note the sun must be out for it to work. Doesn’t matter how cold it is if the sun is out. It is the only way to cook beans and granola. Baking (cookies, cakes, etc) works fine too, the baking is a more “gentle” kind of baking so it’s hard to burn things even if the temp is kicked up. Ours gets to 450 F. with full sun. I could send a picture if you like. A friend of mine has the SunOven and enjoys using it, but it definitely doesn’t get as hot (smaller panels). She enlarged its heat potential by filling in the corner negative spaces with mylar (or aluminum foil)coated inserts.

  3. jparton says:

    To: Shirley W

    – Hey Shirley, we would LOVE to get a picture and more info on your solar cooker made by your friend from CSprings who builds solar cookers out of recycled parts!

    Please send us an email ( silentwinds at ) and thanks sooo much!


    PS – Grid Ebert, thanks so much for the informative review! Heading over to SO Int. website now! Keep up the great work, there’s a lot of us out here who appreciate it immensely! :-)

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