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The Farm After a Summer Afternoon Thunderstorm

By: Everett S

Yesterday we had a pretty good afternoon thunderstorm roll through. It cleared up shortly after, and the farm seemed cleansed. Life was out in abundance, and I managed to capture some of it, while letting Clyde get some exercise. Enjoy!

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  1. Anna says:

    Your new footbridge looks great! When did you find time to make it?!

  2. Mr. Simpleton says:

    Anna, thanks! We did it little by little. One day Missy and I sawed up the telephone poll that was laying behind the chicken coop. Then one day we dug the holes to put the quartered telephone poll in. Then one day we cut off the tops to be level with each other and notched them. Another day we went and picked up some lumber from a local mill. The next day we sawed them all up. And that’s where we are at right now. Once we put boiled linseed oil on them, nail them down and build some stairs we’ll be done and I look forward to posting about it!

  3. emily says:

    your farm is so beautiful and lush! are you collecting rainwater or have plans for a windmill?

  4. Mr. Simpleton says:


    I’d like to put in a water-mill (micro-hydro turbine, actually) but have no plans for a wind mill.

    As for rainwater catchment… there’s no need for that here. We have more water than we could possibly use already. We have three springs on the property that run non-stop, a creek outside of our back door that runs strong all year, and a big creek (almost a river, really) bordering one side of our property. We also have a very strong well that brings fresh, sparkling-clear water up from under a rock shelf.

    The only thing I want to do with rain water is get it the heck away from the house as fast as possible when it rains LOL!

    I remember living in Denver and water was so scarce and precious. That’s why we chose to move to this part of the country. You can go all summer without watering your garden even once around here if you mulch well and don’t get a drought.

  5. […] As you may remember, we have a lovely babbling brook in our back yard – most of the time. But once or twice a year it turns into what you see in the picture here, and after any decent thundershower it turns into what you see in this video. […]

  6. Cate says:

    Clyde jumping the creek and running around really did make me chuckle out loud! Looks like he was having as much fun as a kid stomping is puddles.

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