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Three Stoves: Electric, Natural Gas and Propane

By: Everett S

A power surge caused the electric oven to blow a controller, which costs about $150 just for the part. We have a big propane tank already, which runs the hot water heater, and a propane gas line running right into the back of the stove nook so I decided to just get a gas stove. I like cooking with gas better anyway, and you can still cook during power outages. I bought a used gas stove for $75 and installed the kit to convert it from natural gas to liquid propane. However, now we’re missing the female-to-female piece needed to hook it up so…

We have an electric range in our living room, a gas range in the kitchen, and are cooking on a propane camp stove in the middle.

Three Stoves

This should be all fixed up by the end of the day though. Anyone want a free electric range that needs a new controller?

Category: DIY Projects, The Transplants

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