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Our Top Simple Living Posts of 2013

By: Everett S

Top Five Simple Living PostsThose relatively new to the Living A Simple Life blog may not feel like digging through a year’s worth of archives to find the best posts. We understand. Time is limited, especially when you’re trying to run a homestead.

So here are the top five LASL posts from 2013 based on traffic, and the top five based on volume of comments.


Top LASL Posts by Visits

  1. Other Homesteading Blogs
  2. An Ode to Preserving
  3. Passive Solar Cabin Design P. I
  4. Modern Homesteader Profiles: Nathan Mackenzie Brown
  5. Cabin Life Update

Top LASL Posts by Comments

  1. Automatic Chicken Waterer Give-Away (15 comments)
  2. That Last Three Months in Pictures from Jan 29th, 2013 (9 comments)
  3. A Photo Album Posts: Introducing Audrey (9 comments)
  4.  Our Own Little Community In the Making (7 comments)
  5. Reconstructing a Deconstructed Life: Learning a Craft (6 comments)
    1. What It Takes to Light This Place Off The Grid (tied for #5 with 6 comments)

However, this isn’t exactly fair for some of the newer posts, which haven’t had as long to be visited and discussed as those published early in 2013. So…

Top LASL Posts From October – December, 2013

  1. Butchering a Pig at Blue Yurt Farms (by Audrey)
  2. Modern Homesteader Profiles: Nathan Mackenzie Brown (by Everett)
  3. Modern Homesteader Profiles: Anna Hess & Mark Hamilton (by Everett)
  4. Easy Homemade Tortilla Recipe (by Audrey)
  5. Healthy DIY Granola Recipe (by Audrey)


My Personal Favorites

  1. That Last Three Months in Pictures: This is my favorite post of the year because it is a pictorial summary of the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. A lot changed for me and my family in 2013, and this post captures the middle of a 6-month period in which I felt Grace shining upon me like no other time in my life. Grace came because I needed it. I wouldn’t have made it through without it. And now I have the faith to know that it will always be there, if ever I need it again. This gives me an enormous amount of strength and courage, like a safety net for my life. It is difficult to explain… If you click on “Play” the big image will rotate through a series of pictures from about this time last year. Sometimes I just sit and watch them cycle through a few times, and smile.
  2. A Photo-Album Posts – Introducing Audrey: I like this post because it marks a milestone for the blog here. Audrey had been doing a lot around the place, and we had worked on several big projects together. However, prior to this post I really didn’t feel comfortable making this “Everett and Audrey’s blog” out of respect for Missy, who also put a lot of time and energy into it. But we must all move forward in life. There is no standing still, and there is no going back. After discussing it with both of them, I realized the hesitancy was all in my head. It made me happy to share what Audrey and I had accomplished together in a short few months, and to begin sharing her photography, DIY craft projects, and recipes with the LASL community. She is an amazing person.
  3. Butchering a Pig at Blue Yurt Farms: I like to think that we are “Doers” more than “Writers”. At least, that is the excuse I tell myself when I forget to document a dozen homestead projects in a row (e.g. digging out the septic tank, building new compost bins, building a new wood-shed, improving drainage on the property…). This post appeals to me because it reminds me that we are learning new skills all the time while participating in local homesteading communities here in Virginia, as well as the greater online community. We also got to know Mike and Erin at BYF a little better, and solidifying existing friendships is always a good thing.
  4. Modern Homesteader Profiles: Anna Hess & Mark Hamilton This “post” and the one below were sitting on my hard-drive nearly finished for months. I have been slowly trying to finish a book about modern homesteaders, and had only managed to get the introductory chapter and two of the five profile chapters done. It was a point of stress for me. I decided instead of waiting until I had them all I’d just publish them as long blog posts and wrap them up into an eBook when I had enough of them. That may or may not work out, but it did remove the burden from my shoulders for awhile, which allowed me to get my momentum back.
  5. Modern Homesteader Profiles: Nathan Mackenzie Brown We traveled half-way across the country to visit Nathan at Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage only to find out I had lost the recordings of our conversations a few weeks later. Nevertheless, I pushed on with the post/chapter and it turned out pretty well, I think. Nathan was a huge help in providing an abundance of detail to refresh my memory and fill in the blanks. With two modern homesteader profiles / chapters now done, and one half-finished the publishing of this post marks the moment I began to feel like I might just have a book in me after all…

Do YOU have any favorite LASL Posts? If not, what about your absolute favorite homesteading / simple living post of 2013 from any other blog? Tell us about it in the comments, please…


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