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Trip to Dancing Rabbit Eco Village

By: Everett S

Nathan and his sytheI’ve been slowly working on a book about people who use high-speed internet connections in rural areas, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit and web-savvy, to finance a lifestyle of radical voluntary simplicity. Nathan Brown is the second of five profiles I have planned, and we had the good fortune of visiting him at Dancing Rabbit Eco Village last week.

Nathan is a sales consultant for online professionals who sell digital products. He spends about 15 hours a week doing this, and has already covered his personal expenses for 2013. He was very open with me about personal financial information because, like me, he wants to motivate more people to jump off the work-consume-work treadmill so they can spend more time doing the things they love.

If living this type of lifestyle appeals to you I look forward to providing the nitty-gritty details on how Nathan and several other people have gone about achieving that goal for themselves and their families sometime within the next few months.

If you or someone you know uses the internet to make a modest living while choosing to work less, buy less and live more – and want to share your story and advice with others – please comment below and I’ll be in touch.


Nathan's Tiny House

This tiny house is the full-time residence of a highly successful online marketing professional. He works 15 hours a week for $60k a year, and only needs a third of that to live on.

Learn more about Nathan Mackenzie Brown and Dancing Rabbit Eco Village in this Living A Simple Life post by Nathan.

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  2. Sharon cole says:

    Who’s living the American dream?
    In one word:WOW…:)

    Enjoy your summer,Everett.
    Sharon from Ohio

  3. […] info: This post has been distributed by Nathan Brown, the targeted recruiter for Dancing Rabbit’s construction […]

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